Friday, February 12, 2016

Holy Moses, It's Cold Out There

It's about 14 degrees, which isn't too bad, but it's windy too.  Really windy.  I went to the store around noon and stopped for gas on my way home.  I was very glad to have the hood on my big coat, extra gloves in the car, and my 2015 Design-a-thon-entry cowl wrapped around my neck to pull up over my face while I jiggled from foot to foot to stay warm in the sharp wind.  I am happy for the sunshine but it sure is cold.

I didn't get to knit all day yesterday like I hoped I would.  The FedEx guy brought a dolly-load of cartons for me to unpack, enter into inventory, price, and put away.  Then there were customers impeding progress AND to top it off I had to run the compressor to refill the bank tanks.  The big bag of earplugs went missing but I had one pair in the bottom of my knitting basket so I was saved.  You wouldn't think it but having that loud racket going on and on (and on and on) for four hours or more is very tiring.  Earplugs help.

I started swatching my Design-a-thon idea last night.  It's brown, it's square, it's knitted on really big needles.  That's all the hints you get.  See my notebook?  I'm keeping good notes because I know that what I'm making is going to be something each and every Guild member is going to want to make immediately.  Or not.  To be honest, I don't expect to ever win a prize with my designs.  I'm not that good a knitter and, really, I like doing the Design-a-thon because it makes me be brave, makes me stretch my imagination, and learn new things.  At my age that's a positive thing.  Plus it's fun to say, "Yes, I designed it; it's an original."

February 12--Terry Donnelly, Harbor Reflections at Dawn.  "Red sky at night, sailor's delight, red sky in the morning, sailor's take warning."  The old weather adage sounded in Marie's head as she backed out of the garage.  The entire sky was ablaze with red orange light and the clouds fled like flames before the wind.  All she needed to do was get to the store for Dan's prescription and get home before the storms hit.  She cursed the fact that Dan had forgotten to tell her he was down to his last pill.  She could have stopped on her way home last night.  Now she was being buffeted by the wind, feeling the car sway into the oncoming lane as she left the shelter of the trees.

That Dan, he's always been unreliable and we all know how men are when they're sick.  I'm excited that tonight's Friday Night Knitting because I skipped last Friday not wanting to share my cold but before knitting I have to knuckle down and make sure my presentation for next Thursday's Guild meeting is tidied up and makes sense.  That last part is usually the trick.

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Aunt B said...

Marie's trip to pick up that almost forgotten prescription sounds like you! Hope that swerve into the other lane didn't end badly for her!!! Too cold in your part of the world. When the weatherman said "polar vortex" last night I thought of you and how you hate that phrase.