Sunday, February 14, 2016

Headed In The Wrong Direction

Remember two days ago when it was 14 degrees in the morning?  Then yesterday it was 7 degrees when I got up?  Well, today it was -13 when I went out to top up the birdbath.  Things are declining rather than increasing.  Where does one go to register a complaint?  Yeah, yeah, nowhere... I know, but I do love to complain and these frigid temps are so ripe for complaining about.

We all have a good excuse to at least look outside this weekend (actually through Feb. 16) because it's the Great Backyard Bird Count.  (scroll down the right sidebar when you link to the site to find "Bird Lists", enter your zip code, print out a list for your area, and get counting) I'd forgotten all about it but an article in today's paper reminded me so I zoomed onto the site, printed off a bird list, and spent the last 20 minutes gazing out the patio doors making ticks on the page for the scrum of Sparrows, one Downy Woodpecker, a House Finch, and the reason there were so few birds to see, the Sharp-shinned Hawk.  There was a squirrel perched on top of the fence across the back grooming itself (squirrels don't count even though they eat birdseed, the little gluttonous tree rats) and the hawk swooped by, dive bombed the squirrel and then kept on going.  I hear Durwood murmuring bird names and numbers so he's counting while he eats his breakfast.  Good man.

I didn't knit or sew yesterday afternoon, instead I worked on my presentation/lesson for Thursday's upcoming Bay Lakes Knitting Guild meeting.  I want to read it through once more to make sure I'm being clear and I have to email the Membership Chair to get a guess as to how many copies I need to make.  (be right back, gotta email the MC while I'm thinking of it... okay, I'm back)  I'll be the one taking a ream of paper and money for toner to work tomorrow.

I am terribly pleased with myself because I got back to my yoga mat this morning and it felt GREAT.  I didn't realize how much I'd missed it over the last couple weeks.  I feel energized and perkier than I have in days and days.  I even threw my mat in the washer afterwards so it'll smell less like feet tomorrow.  Yay for yoga!  Yay for a clean mat!

February 14--Tim Thompson, Snowy Road.  The moon hung like a glowing eye in the notch between the far peaks.  Snow fell steadily, dusting the pines along the highway and reflecting the silver moonlight.  Shea felt like she was driving in a tunnel carved into the night by her headlights.  She kept a sharp eye out for deer crossing the road.  Years ago she had hit a deer in broad daylight and it wasn't an experience she wanted to repeat.

Happy Valentine's Day!  Instead of going out to supper (it's way too cold for Durwood to venture out) we ordered take-out lasagna dinners from Olive Garden last night which was delicious and so much food that we get to have the second half tonight, so we're Valentine-ing twice.  We know how to celebrate up here in the frozen tundra.  Happy hearts to all!

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Aunt B said...

I'm so happy to read that you're perkier. And just reading that word - perkier - makes me happy. And you sound happy too -- a clean yoga mat, double Valentine dinner and all set for your lesson at the Knitting club. Don't know how you endure the low temps but I'm proud of you for managing!