Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Raspberry Time

On my way to the bank this morning I left a little bowl by the raspberries so I could pick on my way back.  It was a good thing I put this half of them into the fridge before I handed the bowl to Durwood or the only proof of berries would have been a pink smear in the bottom of the bowl.  That man loves his raspberries.

It was especially pretty this morning when I opened the curtains.  It's in the 80s again but the humidity is barely above 50% so it's bearable to be outside.  I'm ready for the cool days and cooler nights to start, especially when I go to The Clearing in ELEVEN DAYS.  *ahem*  Excuse the shouting but I am really looking forward to going.

It was passable quiet at work yesterday so I got Sudoku Almond #6 done but didn't cast on #7.  I might have done some web surfing instead.  *cough*  But I didn't buy anything this time.

September 15--Fotowerks, Ltd., Extensive Washington, DC Stock.  Iris walked up the dimly lit steps, her eyes on the statue of Lincoln spotlit from above.  She felt as if she had been there before because of all the times she had seen the Memorial in movies, on TV, and on her money but this was her first time seeing it in person.  The statue was a lot bigger than she imagined but she thought that President Lincoln looked friendly and caring as he gazed down at her.  It kind of looked like a homeless person had climbed up on his lap or someone had thrown a bundle of rags up there.  She didn't think the guards would allow that so she looked around for someone.  It occurred to her that she was all alone in the dark and something wasn't right.  She started to turn to leave when the solid body came up behind hers, strong hands held her waist, and a deep voice said, "Stay right here and you'll be fine."  She tried to turn out of his grasp but he was too strong.

Eek.  I'll bet you're glad when you see that I didn't have much to say some days.  Sometimes I think I blabber on too long and boringly, wondering if anyone (besides Aunt B) is interested in my ramblings but so far no one has put a bag of flaming dog poo on my porch so I'll keep doing what I've been doing.  'Sokay?  'Sallright..

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Aunt B said...

You are a nut! I'm sure lots of your friends check in for your ramblings -- maybe not every day -- but we all like to see what's happening in your world. The weather has been blissful down here too. Hope it hangs around for a while!