Sunday, September 13, 2015

Eight Hours of Sleep

Eight full hours of sleep is just wonderful.  Restorative.

This morning I finished the Audrey Virgo Hat.  I like it.  I really like it.  It fits well, not too tight, not too loose, just right.  (you can call me Goldilocks)  So what if the Fringe Association Hat-along is on hat #4 and I just finished hat #1?  I'll get there.  I'm not fast but I sure am determined.

And I got this much of Sudoku Almond #6 done last night after I finished weaving in about 15 blocks' worth of tails during the day when I was so sleepy I wouldn't have risked knitting anything.

I picked a bunch of tomatoes this morning, and I saw a few feathers in the straw.  See, last night when I went to bed I heard an owl a few times and it sounded pretty close by.  So maybe an owl swooped down for a rabbit or a chipmunk, both of which make homes in the garden under the straw or in the daisy stalks.  I didn't see any fur so it probably didn't succeed but I did hear it.  I fell asleep smiling.  And the sedum next to the patio doors is blooming.

September 13--List of Names, Addresses, and Phone Numbers.  Who to call?  Miranda looked at the long list of names in bold with contact info below.  Every one was a competent photographer, many of them based in New York City.  She should probably eliminate them since she probably couldn't afford them.  That cut the list down to a more manageable number.  She looked at each one's photos in her stock book to see if she could guess which one had the vision she was looking for.  This decision could push her a rung or two up the ladder at Owen Publishing--if she got it right.  Her palms were damp and she left fingerprints on the pages as she turned them.

I think I'll go downstairs and sew something.  Seems like that kind of day.

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Aunt B said...

Really cooled off down here yesterday. Almost like football weather!!! Watched all afternoon and evening but my three teams -- Packers, Panthers, Dolphins -- managed only squeaker wins. Oh well, they count in the W column! Still love that Virgo hat.