Monday, September 14, 2015

A Little Sewing

Last week LC picked out a doll when we were shopping and I decided that he needed someplace to lay his head so yesterday afternoon I dug through my fabric stash and sewed up a bed & blanket for him.  (she wanted the blue baby, not the pink one, so we've got Austin Ronan; he's an all rubber, "drinks & wets" newborn Cabbage Patch but I'm not telling her that he'll do that; she'll figure that part out soon enough)  I sewed the pillow to the bed and was going to sew the blanket to it too but left them separate for now.  If I decide it'd be better for a small person like LC to have it all in one piece I can just seam them together down one side or across the bottom.  I think it turned out darned cute.

I had Durwood take my picture wearing the Audrey Virgo Hat but should have turned sideways so you can see more hat and less me but I like the way it sits on the head.  It isn't too tight to crush your hair or too lose to feel like it's sliding down over your eyes.

This is a horrifying sight.  Also a sign that my maple tree isn't long for this world.  It's leaves are turning and dropping like flies.  Not good, not good at all.  All the other trees on the street are nice and green and my tree is sickly yellow--it used to be the last one to turn and the most brilliantly colored, now look at it.  Maybe it spent so much of its energy being fabulous that it burnt out too soon.  I'll miss having a big shady tree there when it goes since it keeps the sun from heating the house too much in summer and lets it shine through the branches in the winter.  *sigh*

I got a few more rows of Sudoku Almond #6 knitted before and after sewing.  If it isn't busy at work today maybe I'll get it done and get #7 started.

September 14--Hi-Shots, World Cup Ski Jump, Oslo, Norway.  "I hope there's an elevator," I said.  Tom snorted.  "Of course there's an elevator.  Did you expect the skiers to climb a couple hundred steps with their skis and poles strapped to their backs?"  He shook his head and I knew he was thinking that I'm a foolish woman.  I resisted the urge to jab him in the ribs.  His jacket was too padded for a jab to have much effect anyway.

I always have to stop to think about whether I want to write "affect" or "effect", do you?  And half the time I think I get it wrong.  Ah well, that's what dictionaries are for.  Do people even have them or use them anymore or are all the rules out the window?  I sound like an old curmudgeon but, dammit, a poor vocabulary makes people sound ignorant.  To me anyway.  I'm going to go shower my curmudgeonly self and go be crabby at work.  Hey, don't knock it, at least I have a goal for the day, and I'm certain Durwood will be relieved.

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Aunt B said...

I love, love, love that picture of you in the Virgo hat. Thanks for posting it. You didn't let me down. And that sweet little bed and blankie for the boy doll. Well, everything today was perfect. Except for your dying tree!!! Damnit all!! When the enormous one that shaded our deck died a few years ago it was so sudden and such a loss. But what can you do?? I'm with you on the affect/effect conundrum (and I had to use the dictionary to look up how to spell that word. I'd be lost without mine. Don't have spell check on this thing!)