Saturday, September 26, 2015

Durwood Was Right

The longer I looked at the teapot the more I saw what he saw--a spout that stuck out funny.  So last night at knitting I used a short length of yarn and tacked it up at a better angle with a couple stitches and a good, strong square knot.  I'm definitely going to felt it at least a little.  It's awful floppy and won't be easy for tiny, inept hands to manipulate.  We don't want to frustrate anyone, now do we?

Instead of finishing Sudoku Stone #9 last night I crocheted the first 9-square block together, and I think it looks absolutely great.  This makes me want to knit the remaining 24 squares so I can put all of the blocks together and get busy making the joining strips so I can see how it all looks.  Now I want the physical proof of my long-ago mental picture.

Dad's rose is blooming again.  I love that about this rose, whatever variety it is.  It blooms in the spring and then again in late summer and early fall.  If I turn to the left I see one bud bathed in sunlight with silver spiderwebs twinkling in the light breeze.  One flower always manages to grow tall enough so that I can see it from here.  Thanks, Dad.

Our maple tree is dying.  It's dropping its leaves which have been changing color for weeks, lots of its branches are bare, and it just doesn't look right.  The rest of the trees all up and down the street are as green as can be, like this one in the renters' front yard right next door.  Only our maple is sickly and expiring.  Dammit.

I've just about got everything packed for my week away.  I need to find out what time the moon will rise tomorrow night because it's a Supermoon (closest to Earth or perigee) and there'll be an eclipse.  Can you imagine?  I can't wait.  I packed my "laying in a field to watch the sky" blanket and Durwood's letting me borrow his better camera.  I think I'll practice taking some moon shots tonight.  Maybe I'd better take the camera manual too, yeah, that's a real good idea.  Wonder if I can find a tripod...

September 26--Fox Hollow, Fishing Boat in Fog, Lubec, ME.  Elmer's boat used to be white but it had been faded by the sun and beaten up by years of salt water so it blended into the fog.  The only evidence he left on his way out to sea were the ripples of his wake and the stink of diesel.

I'm so sorry there isn't more.  I meant there to be more but I had to struggle to stay awake for those two sentences.  See, Durwood ran me around to every store in the free world, okay, on the west side of Green Bay, so he'd have all he needs to keep body and soul together while I'm gone and so we didn't miss the "buy one, get one free" cut up chickens deal at Festival which ends today.  Now I'm going to review my packing list (which I can't print out because I already packed the printer), finish my coffee, start the dishwasher, get dressed, go over my list one more time, pack the car, and GO!  I might drag the laptop to a public wi-fi spot during the week but I might just maintain radio silence and have a real run-away.  I'll be thinking about you.  Some.  Off and on.  Okay, probably not much but it's my vacation.

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Aunt B said...

I'll miss you but know you're going to have a great runaway week. Hate that about the maple tree but it is certainly going out with great flair!