Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Playing With Grand-Pets

I had a big bag of peels and leaves so I stopped to visit Porter and the chickens.  The "ladies" were big fans of the carrot peels and cauliflower leaves.  Porter just wanted to chase a ball.


I finished Sudoku Stone #7 last night.  Only 26 more squares to go!  Woohoo!

I drove over the Main Street bridge downtown this morning and there's this big sign on the side of the museum.  It says "Extreme Deep," which means that the exhibit all about the deepest part of the ocean is here.  Durwood and I can't wait to go just as soon as I get back from The Clearing.  We might have to go more than once, just to get the full enjoyment.  No one will mind if we pretend we're diving will they?  I promise not to wear my fins and definitely not my wetsuit (I'd melt), maybe just my mask and snorkel.

Just saw a hummingbird flit away from the feeder.  They're still here, still stopping by for a drink, bulking up for their long migration coming up pretty soon.  How those tiny birds fly so far is beyond my comprehension.

September 22--Steve Gottlieb, NYC Skyline.  The full moon hung cold and white over the skyscrapers.  Julia had watched it climb up above the buildings, its color going from orange to white as it rose in the sky.  She thought the disk shrunk the higher it got but she convinced herself that it was an optical illusion.  The moon's size didn't change.  It didn't move farther away from the earth as it rose higher in the night sky, so why did it look like it got smaller.  She stood at her hotel room window wondering and imagined her farmer grandfather who dreamed of being a scientist pulling down the M volume of his prized Encyclopedia Britannica to find an answer for her.

I think I'll make myself a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.  Doesn't it seem like a grilled cheese day to you?  Adios.

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Aunt B said...

You are either very patient or very quick to be able to snap a picture of a hummingbird! The grilled cheese sandwich on some of your homemade bread??? Yes, please!