Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sunny & C-c-c-c-cold

But I have a long list of to-dos today so I don't mind.  I've got a ripe pineapple to peel and cut up and all the fixings to make Green Chicken Soup for work lunches for the next couple weeks.  Durwood's been portioning and freezing meats so there're a few packages that need to be carried down to the freezer--after they're added to the inventory, of course.  It's so handy to have that list in a pocket on the fridge door.  (it's a magnetic locker pocket from the dollar store, now that's handy)  I also stripped the bed when I got up (at 8 AM, god, I feel like I slept the day away--and it's an hour and 45 minutes later that seems like 5 minutes max) and tossed the towels down the chute and put out fresh ones.  See?  There're things I can cross off already.  I love crossing things off.  But putting the towels in filled up the chute so evidently I'll be doing a bit of laundry too.  (better put that on the list... so I can cross it off when the time comes)  

I am so tempted to whip up a batch of chocolate chip cookies it's killing me, but I know if I make them I'll eat them and I'm already eating too much candy and pretzels that's overrunning my healthy eating so I'd better not.  I'll just stick my nose in the drawer with the chocolate chips in it and inhale.  Too bad there're no bakeries around anymore and the bakeries in our groceries don't sell single cookies, they don't even hand out the mini bite-size ones to kids, the pikers.  Oh, I suppose it's because of all the nut-allergies and gluten-free diets... when did we start making people less hardy?  Remember in grade school when the thin, pale, allergic kids got teased? ( I got teased when we moved up here because when I was a 'tween I didn't like to run around and play out, they called me "the house plant" so I know about teasing)  Now all the kids look like that, grownups too, because nobody goes outside to play anymore except for organized sports on a schedule.  Pretty soon even French people will be more fit than us and everyone knows they all sit around in cafes smoking and drinking wine or strong coffee, even the kids.  I should talk; I need to lose 100 lbs. to be even close to my "ideal" weight, but at least I haul my lard-ass out into the fresh air and drag it around some, and I'm trying to convince my inner 9-year-old to stop eating crap and lose some of it.  I'm not having a lot of luck but I keep trying.  Stubborn, that's me, on both sides of that equation. (and that right there's probably why I'm stuck)  Feh.
Even though it's cold I love the sunny.  I look outside and just grin, my spirit uplifted, at the sunlight sparkling through an icicle.  Time to get a move on.

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Aunt B said...

Well, you've got a lot on your plate what with all those chores set out to do. Love that you keep an inventory of what's in the freezer. I do that too so when I plan the next week's dinners, I use what's already in there!