Friday, February 8, 2013

Cautiously Optomistic

I kept knitting on the Psychedelic Shawlette yesterday afternoon and got pretty far, almost to where the decreases start piling up faster, and I think I might be okay with matching up the remaining stitches and remaining yarn.  As long as I don't run into any more %#$^& knots.

After supper I picked up the Starfish Dishcloth and got into the last wedge before I pooped out and had to go to bed.

The other night I got to turn the first corner of I-cord edging on my Bandwagon Afghan.  I only knit a few stitches past the corner because I need to pick up more edge stitches but I think I might just go back and add another detached row of I-cord so that the corner turns a bit more tidily.  I'm all about the tidy.  Most of the time.  Except when I'm not.


Look at the trees!  I just noticed that they're sparkling with ice.  Pretty.

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