Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mama's Got A Little Headache

I'm not a drinker.  I'm not good at it at all, never was.  I admit that it took me a few years to get the message but now I know it well and good, and I really don't miss it.  Last night Cookie and I went to the beer & food pairing dinner at Titletown Brewery so I drank more beer than I have in the last year, probably approaching a half-glass of it.  And I have a little headache.  How is this fair?  There were four beers and one beer cocktail and I sipped a couple sips of each to taste it with the food--all forms of mac & cheese--only sips because I ask for a "no thank you" portion (my DIL1 taught me that) which is barely half an inch in the glass, and I rarely finish that.  I don't deserve a headache.
Anyway, here's what we had:
a mac & cheese fritter with tomato bacon jam and mac & cheese "mock-i" rolls with pesto,


mac & cheese Napoleon (the crisps are baked Parm, mmm) and baked bleu cheese mac & cheese (the glass on the right is my usual portion, I dumped most of the glass on the left)


sweet mascarpone mac & cheese with cinnamon sabayone and berries.

Oh my.  You wish you had been there.  That fritter with the tomato bacon jam was To Die For.  I wanted to weep when I couldn't finish the Napoleon because everything was so rich I got full.  The dessert was okay, a lot like rice pudding and I'm not a fan, but that sauce was exquisite.  You totally wish you'd been there.

And I finished my afghan at work yesterday.  Yay!

February 21--Flemish, Stained-Glass Panel with a Knight and His Patron Saint.  The sermon was long.  No, they called it something else now, a homily whatever that was.  Whatever they called it the priest was yammering on way too long.  He was dancing all around his point which was basically "be nice."  He had trotted out a few tired old stories of people not being nice but Gail had turned him out once she realized that he'd never get there, at least not in this lifetime.  She smelled coffee brewing from the social hall in the church basement and wondered if they had those little lemon bars that she liked so much.  That would be nice.

And I'm off.  We're supposed to get 3-6" of snow by the end of tomorrow and it's supposed to start at about midnight.  It's winter, it's supposed to snow, and I did say I wanted snow this winter, didn't I?  Now I get to deal.  Ah well.

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Aunt B said...

Yes, you did ask for snow -- and yes, I totally wish I'd been there to taste all that yummy looking cheese-y stuff!! Hope your headache is gone by now.