Saturday, February 23, 2013

It's Chicken Day

DS & DIL1 are off skiing for the weekend.  They took Porter along but Henny & Penny are left behind.  DS asked me to go over this morning to check for eggs and I just happen to have a bag of veggie peels for the ladies.  I do love when they cluck and croon to see the fresh things in the snow.  I'll have to stomp down the snow in their coop so they can get around more easily.  Then I think Durwood wants to go to Sam's for a few things.  I know we'll need more driveway salt before winter's over.  Sam's has that.  I should get some.

I've got cabin fever.  I know I have it.  I'm lethargic but I want to DO something or GO someplace.  I feel like Durwood's gotten 25' tall and 60' wide and is filling up every molecule of space in the entire house.  He's not.  He's his same genial, tolerant self as always.  He should be in the throes of cabin fever because it's been cold enough that he's staying in.  He seems okay; I'm the one wigging out--on the inside for now, but I suspect that bits of it might be leaking out.  I had cookies for breakfast yesterday and that's just not me.  I want to stick to my eating plan but I don't want to stick to my eating plan.  I want to exercise but I don't want to get up from the computer/couch.  *sigh*  Cabin fever.  Gotta be.

Me and my big mouth.  Remember I kept bleating about needing snow for the poor farmers?  Yeah, me and my big mouth.  We're ahead on snowfall so far this winter and it's just February.  We've got March and most of April to get through before we reliably stop getting snowed on.  Tsk.  Sorry, guys.

Our land line was on the blink for no apparent reason for the last 24 hours.  It was still off this morning when I got up but I unplugged the black box from the cable guys, plugged it back in, and it worked.  I wonder if I'd done that last night if it'd fixed itself sooner.  Don't know.  So if you tried to call us yesterday, sorry, we were here we just couldn't hear you.

February 23--Kolman Helmschmid, Close Helmet with Mask Visor.  The look on his face sent ice water through my veins. He was near panic.  It was up to me to get us out of there.  The day began so well.  We picked up our rental car and he spent an hour with the map and the agent marking our route into the mountains.  The day was sunny and traffic was light.  After lunch in a village bierstube the day turned to worms.  It clouded up and began to drizzle, not really rain but enough to need the wipers now and again.  That made it hard to read road signs until we were right upon them, so we missed a turn, then we missed another whole town.  Now we're lost.  Martin doesn't do lost well and everyone in sight looks like a parolee.  Even the children.

view of falling snow from my pillow
I've always thought Martin was a weakling.  (And the name of the maker up there--Helmschmid means "helmet smith" if I'm not mistaken.  That's made up, it has to be.)  It's snowing again, did I tell you that?  Well, it is.  That means more shoveling.  Shoveling's like exercise, right?  Right??? Say yes.  Time to shower and dress and... shovel.  *sigh*

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