Monday, February 4, 2013

I'll Be Edging Forever **

Or maybe just until it's too warm to sit with a wool afghan on my lap.  On Saturday I watched a couple three YouTube videos about attached I-cord.  I liked Cat Bordhi's video for explaining the process and showing it clearly but she works with yarn already attached where she starts.  Then I remembered that another YouTube video showed a lady picking up edge stitches with a long circular needle on the edge of a baby blanket.  So I put the two together and set off.  I started an inch down from a corner and I started with about 3" of neutral, then I grabbed one of the skeins I used to knit the crosses and kept going.  I plan to use all four cross yarns putting a bit of neutral between them to give the eye a spot to rest.  I did this much on Saturday night.

On Sunday night I knitted on the Psychedelic Shawlette to where it says to start shaping the point.  I'm down to 2.25 oz. from 3.5 oz. and there're 36 rows for the point increase, then, I'm assuming, 36 opposite point decrease rows, and the regular decrease rows, so I'm following the pattern as written.  I'll deal with any leftover yarn later.  (See, I was hoping to have figured out these pattern and yarn combos pretty tightly to cut down on leftovers.  We shall see, won't we?)  I'm excited to see the colors mix and blend and I'm anxious to finish the body and start on the black ruffle on the angled edges.  I'm liking it.  A lot.

But first I want to finish off this Dotty Dishcloth today.

** Done by 1 PM.

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Ashley said...

You do beautiful work!

I've been trying to find a good project to do some edging on myself. Maybe a summery throw is a good idea.