Thursday, February 7, 2013

O, I Love Steak

and Texas toast.  Even though it was snowy and slick we met our friends for supper... and there was do-it-yourself steak.  It was lovely, and half of it came home to feed us for another night.  Durwood says he'll get spoiled because he's hardly having to cook this week, mostly he's heating up leftovers alongside a fresh veggie.

It sure isn't sunny today.  The sky's thick with gray clouds and we're supposed to have freezing drizzle through the day followed by snow.  Whoopee.  D'you think that'll keep people away?  Maybe.  But I'll have my knitting and an audiobook so I'll be just fine.

And now they're going to stop delivering mail on Saturday next August.  Do you care?  Does anyone even write letters anymore?  We don't get mail, real mail, except for birthday cards and thank you notes, the rest of it is bills and junk.  Those I can wait until Monday to get.  Mail carriers deserve a weekend like normal people.

I had a moment at work yesterday.  I'd been pretty busy with customers coming one after the other with no time to tidy up between them, so when they all were gone and the little streak ended I was sitting in the middle of a mess--gear to be serviced, a heap of stuffing from a big equipment bag, a few items to be entered into stock.  It took me a while but I got it all dealt with.  Since Mr. Boss installed a security cam I've been conscious of how it'd look if someone watched me work, and I've decided that I'm a model employee.  (don't break your arm patting yourself on the back, Babbums)  I'm not particularly industrious, I don't make work, but the work that presents itself gets done in an efficient manner, THEN I play with yarn or surf the web, and I always have an earbud plugged into my head.  Except when there's a call or a customer, of course.

I took the DVD that came with my Windows 8 for Dummies book to work with me and watched snatches of it yesterday.  I can see that it was a good purchase.  In the intro the author stressed that Windows 8 is completely unlike any other Windows you've ever used, so it's no wonder I couldn't blunder around and figure it out on my own.  Whew.  That makes me feel a lot better.  Guess what I'll be doing this weekend.

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Aunt B said...

Oh you are a good girl -- beavering away at work, getting chores done promptly!! You deserve a definite atta girl! LOVE the family picture that came yesterday. Indeed you should be proud of your offspring and their spouses. Very, very good looking -- especially you, Barb. You look so pretty. XXXXX