Sunday, February 10, 2013

So Delicious!

That was last night's Family Supper.  DIL1 gave her dad, JZ, cooking lessons for Christmas and yesterday was the first one.  He came to town and they shopped and then cooked.  They made a little salad with grape tomatoes, kalamata olives, dressed with a JZ-made balsamic vinaigrette.  Yum.  The main course was prosciutto-wrapped shrimp with pasta carbonara.  Double yum.  Our dessert offering of homemade chocolate pudding in graham cracker crust and topped with a little spoonful of sweetened, diced strawberries was a big hit.  I am sorry to say that I neglected to take any pictures.  It was so tasty that we fell upon our plates like ravening dogs, taking no prisoners.  JZ will have 11 more lessons and he had the idea that since they'll either be here at DS & DIL1's or in Shawano at his house, that he'll just cook the next 11 Family Suppers.  We can bring appetizers or dessert.  Works for me.  Now I don't have to clean the bathroom or mop the kitchen floor until next January.  Score!  (not really, I keep those places pretty clean, not sterile you understand, but enough to keep the Health Dept. off my porch)

It's supposed to freezing rain again today.  God, if it were only about 5 degrees colder all that rain would be snow and have a chance of soaking into the drought parched soil around here instead of just running off into the storm sewers and out into the bay.  Who's in charge here?  Snow I can shovel or snowblow, I freakin' hate scraping sheets of ice off my car and the driveway.  I was trying to figure out a way to lay a tarp over my windshield on the outside, trapped in the front doors, so that I could just peel it off and the ice with it, but I don't think that'd work or someone else would have patented it by now and be selling it on late night TV.  Good thing I bought a 50# bag of ice melt salt last time we were at Sam's.

Cyber Works, that's the store name I was trying to think of earlier to tell CC, my now-ex beauticianThat's where I got my copy of Windows 7 and all the great help on Friday.  I recommend them.  (we didn't have a falling out, she's changed jobs and needs her Sundays off to relax so she's quitting cutting hairs, even mine *sniff*)

I stayed up too late last night, almost til midnight (gasp), so I didn't write.  I've got a mountain of laundry calling to me so I'm off to fling dirty clothes around down in the basement.  Later, dudes & dudettes.

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Aunt B said...

OK I'm mean -- but that shot of the cardinal in the snow-covered bush reminded me of the cardinals down here in my birdfeeder among the daffodils -- still blooming!!! We're getting rain too but definitely not freezing.