Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Yesterday it was 41 degrees when Durwood went out after lunch to do his errands, when I left work about 6:15 it was 38 and raining, and this morning it's 24 degrees and snowing and blowing to beat the band.  To add insult to injury the snowplow just went through so I get to go out in a bit and move that snow out of the way.  Oh don't get me wrong, I'm glad that the plow came and scraped all the tattered, packed snow left from the snow and freezing rain a couple weeks ago because our street had become like driving over railroad tracks the long way, so it needed a bit of attention to save our tires and suspensions, but I really don't want to go out in the snowing and blowing anytime soon.  Although... we are having a state judge election so I'll go out to cast my ballot (and mentally cast Durwood's too, hey, we're not in Chicago so I can't vote twice, once in my name and once in his)  (and another pass of the plow) and to cash my paycheck and I'll do a bit of shopping if Durwood wants me to since there is NO WAY he's going out in this.  The icicles hanging from the gutter are kind of pretty though.  This'd be a good day to sit on the sofa with the afghan I'm edging on my lap, my iPod plugged into my right ear, and an audiobook playing; I borrowed some action/adventure ones from the library yesterday.  I'll do that once I'm home from erranding.  Maybe before and after erranding.  Yeah, that'd be good.  But I realized that I kind of do like going out when it's awful outside so I'll be bundling up and braving the elements.  Also I just remembered that I have a quart jar of hot chocolate mix that only costs 2 WW points per serving.  What a deal!

February 18--Charles Demuth, Mountain with Red House.  With the windshield wiper smearing the rain, Cate's view looked like a watercolor.  She knew it wasn't safe to drive that way but there was nowhere to stop for repairs, besides she kind of liked seeing the world in soft focus.  Her fuzzy view of things made the world seem friendlier, less threatening than the sharp edges the world usually showed.

Zzzzzzz, that's when I conked off.  I just looked out and our neighbor cleared our driveway.  Thanks, LJ!  Now all I have to do is vote and errand.  Score.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds like your view out the windshield might be the same as Cate's! Have fun on your errands and then the reward of couch sitting and hot chocolate.