Monday, February 4, 2013

I Hate Windows 8

Week before last I foolishly fell prey to an enticing price on downloading the new OS on here.  I was using Vista, which worked fine, but I, like a dolt, thought that NEW meant BETTER.  It doesn't.  It won't let me download my ebooks and mags, evidently puts things where I can't find them (I can't find Word to put a shortcut on the desktop or Overdrive so I can download library books, it tells me I have it but I can't find it. GAH!), and is generally a hindrance rather than a help.  Did you know that you have to reinstall everything when you get a new OS?  I didn't.  Do not install Windows 8 unless you're wise in the ways of Smartphones (touchscreens, etc.) or have an in-house software tech.  I'm thinking of ditching it and going back to Vista.  Bah.

I got all of my jobs done yesterday.  I forgot to wipe the snow off the thermometer so Durwood'll have to rely on Pete the weather guy for his temperature info for another few days.  I got all the Green Chicken Soup (it's not as gross as it sounds, it's made with spinach and greens that are pureed with the onions and carrots, then chicken is added, so it's a combo of Green soup and Chicken soup; that's where I got the name) into bowls, containers, and the freezer.  Well, not the soup for work lunches; those 8 bowls I put into the car (it's colder than the fridge out there) so that I didn't clutter up the fridge and it's ready to go today without having to remember or think about it.  Not thinking is good, especially on Monday mornings.  And I "found" 3 containers of homemade mushroom soup by thawing one that someone forgot to label when he made and froze it not so long ago.  Now it's clearly labeled.  *dusts hands off*  Durwood dusted the living room while I cleaned the bathroom.  I decided to leave the kitchen floor mopping and vacuum running until Tuesday afternoon.  Don't want to cram all the "fun" into one day, now, do I?  No, I don't.  I didn't go for ink or a shredder.  Durwood has strong ideas about which shredder we should get so we'll go Tuesday or maybe Friday since one of the office stores has them on sale this week.  I made time to play hidden object games on the computer and knit too.  Oh, and Durwood made awesome turkey chili for supper.  Yum.

February 4--France, Normandy, Manuscript of the Apocalypse.  The wind shifted, lifted that September afternoon.  It blew straight in through the open French doors in Leigh's cottage and swirled all the pages of her manuscript into a white cyclone and set them free.  They flew through the arbor, some snagged on the rose thorns, but most broke free into the orchard and beyond.  Leigh came into the room and stopped at the sight of the desk unburdened of the pages she had wrestled for months.  A glint of waving white caught her eye and she moaned to see her last year's work scattered on the wind.  She reached for the impaled page, gently freed it, and then kept going.  Page after page drew her on down the dusty road, through the orchard buzzing with windfall-drunk bees.  Pages floated away on Spaeti's pond and others hid themselves in the middle of a patch of poison ivy.  She left those lie.

Wouldn't you just die?  I'm off to make Microsoft take back their awful product.  And then reinstall everything one more time.  At least this time I'll be able to find stuff.  Mind's made up.  See ya.

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Aunt B said...

So glad to read that making that soup doesn't require a green chicken!!! That'd be hard to find!