Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sewing Plans & Bandwagon Block #10

After a lunch of baked beansleftover from Sunday I drove off to get some birdseed then to check out patterns at Hancock to see if I could find one like the shirt that cda, my roomie at The Clearing had with a handkerchief hem.  I found one that was 40% off, still over $11 (do they think millionaires sew?) but it'll be $1.99 starting Thursday, so I bought it because it was the only one remaining in my size and then just take my receipt back after Thursday and get the difference refunded.  Smart, eh?  I also had to (HAD to) buy enough of this just-right t-shirt knit in red/black/gray stripes.  I'm going to look awesome, also cool.  If it doesn't look like the dog's dinner on me once I get it made.  Maybe I'll get some less expensive, solid color, single knit and make a "muslin" so when I make up the striped shirt it'll fit just right.

I cast on the next Bandwagon Afghan Block #10 the other day.  I keep remembering that I only have to make 3 more (well, 2 1/2 now) before joining the blocks and then figuring out if I want to do the recommended I-cord binding or maybe I'll do a few rounds of single crochet to finish it off.

I got myself a new yoga mat today which made me dig out the yoga mat bag I started making nearly a year ago when I started doing yoga.  I'd hoped to get to working on it this afternoon, but that didn't happen, so I'll hope to find time over the weekend. 

After we defrost and inventory the freezer, of course.

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