Sunday, September 16, 2012

I Shouldn't Go Into Yarn Shops Either

I think it's the % off signs that are my downfall.  That must be it.  I can walk through a fabric store or a yarn shop and admire all of the full price wares but if I have an expiring coupon or if there's a "__% off" sign on something, I'm a goner.  I was peeved that Red Sock Yarns in Fish Creek is closed.  That was what I wanted to do on my afternoon off from The Clearing, I wanted to steep myself in wool fumes for an hour or two.  I even had a project along so that I could sit and knit, but the weak economy got them and they moved then closed.  Dagnabbit.  So I HAD to stop at Spin in Sturgeon Bay on my way home.  I had to.  And they did not disappoint.  Look at all the goodies I found in their 40% off baskets!  See that red/orange/yellow Dale wool?  There were many more skeins of the lime green/orange/yellow colorway that I didn't buy.  Good girl, Barbara, way to resist.  I have more skeins of other colors of the wheat cotton & silk Svale so I figure a neutral is always a good addition.  Right?  Right.  That Noro Chirimen was also irresistable.  It's cotton, silk & wool, and look at those colors.  You'd have bought it too, I know you would have.  You all know that I am not a blue girl, not at all, but who could resist those skeins of Berroco Blackstone Tweed?  So many patterns are made with alternating colors in two row stripes that I had to buy the teal and indigo to make a scarf or shawlette, besides it's really soft and TWEED.  I love tweed.  That one little skein of brown and variegated roving-type yarn will make another of those addictive purse-stitch scarves I made so many of a couple years ago.  She threw in a free vest pattern.  It's one of those two-row stripe things plus it's got those drapey fronts that are so in style right now.  I am fully aware that by the time I get around to making it that style will be passe but the pattern was free.  *shrugs*

While most of what I did last week was write, I did knit on a few things.  I added my daily Maple Tree Scarf rows and I'm watching for the first leaves to turn so I can start adding in color.  They say it'll come early this year because of the drought.

I finished up the newborn-size rolled brim hat for KL.  It's a lot longer with a lot more brim than I thought there'd be but that'll be good so that it'll fit the new little guy no matter how big or small his head is when he's new.

Last night I cast on the beginning of the thrid hat I want to make for that baby-to-be.  It'll be an earflap hat and I'm making it 3-6 month size so he'll have a new, handmade hat to wear for his first year of life.  I'm knitting them all out of stash and using free patterns I found on Ravelry so I don't have any qualms that I'm overachieving on this request.  I'm having fun.  Leave me alone.

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