Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Posting Late Today

Good grief, look at the time.  Here it is 4 o'clock and I'm first finding time to blog.  That's because I went walking with Skully along the river at 8:30.  Neither of us really wanted to go but we agreed that we'd feel better about ourselves if we did, so we did and I did, I assume she did too.  There's a new metal sculpture of 3 looks like egrets in an open park-ish area between the marina where we set off and the overpass where we turn around.  I like it, you have to get close to it to see the different colors of metal and the details of the feathers etc.  I like it.  (oh, I already said that, didn't I? well, I guess I like it twice as much)  Today's Photo a Day theme is "frame."  I took a couple shots of the house and the wind chimes framing the sunrise.  I like them well enough, but took the camera along on our walk and found the perfect shot.  It's the riverside and a few geese in the shallows framed by the bridge support.  I like this better.  When I got home from walking (and cashing my paycheck--yay for moolah) I encouraged Durwood (not nagged, I don't nag, he doesn't respond to nagging at all, I encouraged him--gently) to get dressed and take me to Walmart (he's not a fan of riding in my car, says it's too close to the ground) so we could pick out new cordless phones and other random things.  He made me go downstairs and get some fish out of the freezer for supper first, and then we tootled off to walk around what seemed like each and every aisle of the SuperWalmart.  We found clearance cans of tomatoes & okra (doesn't that sound good?), a couple of $5 CDs to leave in his car (Perry Como & Frank Sinatra--hey, we like to sing along), a new yoga mat (red!) for me, and a couple of $15 iTunes gift cards for Cousin Mike's daughters who were so patient spending time with us last month.  We took Packer stuff for Mike and thought that the girls deserved to have sweet somethings too, and since they were both permanently plugged into their iPods when we were driving around, I thought a gift card would be a good idea.  I'd planned $10 per girl but they don't have those, don't have ones you can just charge with any amount either, you have to buy the $15, $25, or $50 ones.  Meanies.  We picked a phone base with 2 satellite phones so that now all the phones will actually answer when you push the button and you can see the number you dialed when you dial it.  I'm going to put the cordless phone I took out of the kitchen downstairs so I can unplug the rotary wall phone that's there now.  (yes, it works fine but the bracket isn't well-attached to the wall and tends to pull away so it needs replacing)  I should sort the wash while I'm down there.  Maybe Durwood'll do the laundry tomorrow if I do.  Maybe buying a new yoga mat will inspire me to finish the one I started sewing when I started yoga A YEAR AGO.  Don't want to rush into anything, you know.

September 25--Georges Courbet, The Sea.  I sit under the last blue patch of sky as the layers of gray clouds gather and darken.  Waves that began the day gently folding themselves onto the shore have bulked up.  They fling themselves onto the rocks and sand like tantrum throwing toddlers, white foam sprays and spreads to the road.  Far out where the sea bends under the blackest clouds, lightning plays tag, chasing the thunder toward me.  My patch of blue shrinks by the minute, swallowed up by the encroaching gray.

Okay, that's it for me today.  Time to go down and make the dirty clothes behave and put the old phone in place of the oldest phone.  Maybe I'll even sew a bit on that yoga mat bag.  Maybe.
--Barbara Sue


Ann said...

Gasp! You can't get rid of the rotary phone! The rotary phone is awesome!

Aunt B said...

Ann you are sooooo right. DO NOT, I repeat, do not get rid of the rotary phone! I have one in the kitchen that isn't attached to AT&T but I still love to just look at it.

Barbara said...

okay, okay, I'll keep it. good grief.