Friday, September 21, 2012

Autumn Woke Me Up Today

or maybe it was the last day of summer that was honking south in a long skein.  I lay there listening to the call of the Canada geese and feeling the cool morning air from the open window over my head and wishing I could lie there all day.  Then I smelled the coffee Durwood was making and my reverie fled in face of my caffeine urges.  And I had to pee.  When you get to be my age your bladder takes precedence over nearly every poetic or slovenly leaning.  It's just a fact of life and also childbirths past.  (hey, those of you who didn't or haven't, do you have that problem too?  inquiring minds, etc.)  I want to go out and take their picture but by the time I grab the camera and get out there, they're gone.  When I don't have things to do (when will that be?) I'll go sit out there and wait.  I could take a blankie to wrap around me and a steaming mug of Durwood's excellent coffee and sit out there some early morning.  Yeah, I could.  I'll study on that.  I need to get a move on today.  I want to dust and vacuum at least the public rooms, clear off the kitchen table, and make an ingredients list.  It's our turn to have Family Supper this month and instead of making the main course and asking the others (the Others, oooh) to bring sides, we're making the sides and asking everyone to bring their favorite wienies.  I had a brainstorm; I'm buying those Flatout wraps and cutting them so that we can try lots of dogs without eating all that bread.  Good idea, huh?  I think so.  I'll, of course, get a few buns for traditionalists... I'm looking at you, Durwood.  I also what to toast some walnuts to make pesto to mix with ricotta to put on toasted French bread for appetizers.  Let's see, what else?  Oh yeah, Durwood's making roasted tomato catsup (yummy) and baked beans (I think DS's making a beans recipe he wants to try too).  DS said he made mustard that he'll share.  I'm also making a vinegar coleslaw with red cabbage and fennel bulb, and a banana split snack cake. (gotta get a couple aged bananas today)  Okay, that's way too much food for six people... so it's just right.  We'll eat like kings and queens.  You totally wish you were coming too.  Totally... dudes.  (sorry, I couldn't resist)  Today's Photo a Day is "sometimes."  I read it when I first got up and thought it said "someTHING" so that's what I looked for.  It was only after I'd taking a few snaps and was tidying them up on Microsoft Picture Whatever and picking the day's winner that I reread it.  Damn.  But I decided that I could just change the way I thought about the photo I chose and move on.  So here's my reasoning... sometimes you're the giver and sometimes you're the receiver.  Usually I'm the giver, I feel more comfortable being the giver.  When I got home from The Clearing last Saturday (almost a week already? really??) there were two packages for me from Lala.  She had found things that made her think of me so she bought them and sent them.  (I've already sent my thank you note, ever since we got DIL1 whose mother taught her to send them, I've gotten back into the habit, and now I can't NOT do it; thank you thank you, DIL1 & HZ, for reminding me of my manners and the pleasure of doing it and having done it; you should try it, it's quick and easy and so fulfilling you'll be amazed)

September 21 -- Henri-Edmond Cross, Landscape with Stars.  Fiona felt as if she'd ascended into the sky as she stepped out into the night.  The stars were huge, shining down with a friendly light.  The long smudge of the Milky Way lay along the eastern sky like a discarded scarf and the constellations waltzed around Polaris as they had since time began.  Fiona felt dizzy with the enormity of it.  She sat down on her blanket to keep from falling.

That's when I conked out.  I'd stayed up until midnight to finish the last baby hat and I'm too damned old to stay up that late especially since I tend to get up around 6:30.  That's also why I'm writing this so late; I slept until 8 AM.  Ah well, c'est la vie.  Adios, chickens.
--Barbara Sue

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