Friday, September 7, 2012

I Get To Go On Saturday

Hooray!  Melinda called and left a message in the message box on the phone (I don't know why some messages go on there which doesn't make the light blink like it does on the on-phone answering machine, it changes the dial tone--confusing, and Durwood doesn't know how to access it) which I got when I got home.  (heehee, I just talked to Kathy and I'm in room #10 which is one of my faves, ooh, I can't wait)  That means I'll be packing all my writer-ing things and clothes for spending a week in the woods today.  I'm hoping to take a few minutes to stir up some fragrance-free lotion and lip balm because our teacher is very sensitive to fragrances, so sensitive that she wears an ozone doohicky around her neck at all times to constantly filter the air, so I'm thinking instead of buying some I'll just whip some up.  I was going to do it every night this week but you see how far that got me.  I am such a trial to myself.  I've been goofing off on the phone most of the morning; first I called Cookie who is driving to Madison with her Mom for a quilt show, then Durwood's brother RJ called, then I called Kathy at TC to find out what room I'm in and to find out where I can find her to show off my quilt blocks, she's a big time quilter, so I need to wrap this up and get on the stick.  I will not skip yoga & knitting tonight, I desperately need the yoga because I am a slug, a total slug lately, so a-packing I will go.  Really.  Here I go.

September 7--Turkey, Ottoman Period, Saber.   Pearls lay cool upon her skin, their luster mimicked her radiance.  More pearls twined through the tumble of sable brown curls falling around her shoulders and emeralds sparkled in her ears.  Her gown of gold silk clung to her high bosom then fell like a gilt waterfall to her feet.  Her fan was heavy with more emeralds and pearls.  It trembled in her gloved hand as she made her slow way down the long room.  Her escort was similarly attired and just as richly bejeweled but no amount of silk or gems could overshadow her natural beauty and the youth that shown so clearly on her.

Eh.  I got it done and turned out the light just after 11 PM.  I'm calling that a win.  I hope it keeps raining all day so that I'm not tempted to do anything outside.  I need to focus.  Wax on, wax off.  Oh, today's Photo a Day theme is "natural."  What's more natural than raindrops in the birdbath, I ask you?  It took a few shots to get ripples that I liked but I'm happy with this one, and that's all that really matters, don't you think?  Toodles.
--Barbara Sue

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