Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Didn't Sew After All

Time got away from me yesterday evening.  Well, not really, but I ended up sitting at the kitchen table watching season premieres of shows we like to watch instead of going into the basement (where there's no TV) to sew.  Won't do it tonight either for the same reason.  Maybe Thursday night--is there anything I like on?  Oh, no, Durwood will watch football... there's football, big boy football on Thursday nights, isn't there?  (I don't watch football, I only like when the big war planes zoom over on home game days, that's the only part of football I like.)  I nearly swerved off the road Monday morning (*correction--it was Tuesday & I was on my way to walk, not work) when I had to drive past Lambeau Field on my way to walk and there were sign-carrying protesters and honking passers-by agreeing with them.  See, I went to bed before the end of the game (I told you, I don't watch; I live in the wrong place, don't I?) and didn't get a chance to read the paper in the morning so I was clueless about the building sh*tstorm of protests about the game.  Or maybe it should be called "the Tragedy."  Honestly, people, it's a football game, a GAME, not a war or a religion or a crusade or sacrament.  It's not even an election, it's a game.  Children play games, and men who evidently have more muscles than anything else play them too, and then other people treat those men like heroes, better than heroes, like gods, and revere them and their play and base their personal happiness on the outcome of ninety minutes of those god-men running up and down a meadow with 22 of their best friends and sworn "enemies."  Not real enemies either because I've seen them patting each others' butts after games--on national TV.  What do their mother's think of that?  They "adjust their uniforms" too.  And some of them wear white pants after Labor Day.  Can you believe it?  White pants and there they are playing in the mud, well, some of them are.  Nowadays a lot of them play on carpet that only looks like grass.  So they don't even get dirty like kids who play actual games do, they're just pretending to "play" while still keeping clean, kind of like being actors on stage.  Foolish.  And they get paid way too much for it too.  They need real jobs like normal people, and a whole lot less adulation because what they do is just a silly game, not science, not business (I guess it is for them), not parenting, not fighting a war, it's playing a game.  Grow a little perspective, people... and don't forget to VOTE.  No, not for MVP either, for your alderman or senator or representative or president or even dog-catcher, just go vote because if you don't, if most if not all of us who are eligible don't vote it can be taken away from us in a heartbeat.  I don't really care WHO you vote for, only THAT you go vote.  Vote if for no other reason that in other parts of the world people are willing to die to get the chance to vote; don't let them die in vain.  Okay, end of soapbox for today.  Thanks for letting me rant.  Today's Photo a Day theme is "near."  Here's the fern and sedum growing near the patio doors.  I love the colors, and I love that I can step out that door in the early morning and, nine times out of ten, find something that fits the theme to take a picture of.  You should try it sometime.

September 26--Suzuki Harunobu, Woman Admiring Plum Blossoms at Night.  In early spring, nights are soft and when the plum trees bloom the soft air carries their sweet scent on it.  The aroma that so tempts the honeybees in the daylight draws Yuki out into the night.  She pulls a thick kimono around herself and she lights a small white lantern that illuminates the blossoms, making them glow in the darkness beyond the path.

I think that should have been a poem rather than a "story."  I should go with my first instinct, shouldn't I?  Next time.  Enjoy your day, it's a gorgeous one here, sunny and cool right now and supposed to warm up into the 60s.  Too bad I have to work and I'm making Durwood do the wash today.  *whip crack*  Hyah.  (not really, I like to pretend I'm mean and bossy but I'm not; I'm only bossy... well, maybe not bossy... firm... yeah, that's it, firm)
--Barbara Sue

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Aunt B said...

Oh Barbara. Blastphemy!!! And you living right there in the epicenter of the football world!!! Your old Aunt B was among those incensed, yes incensed, about the outcome of the football game. Sooooo wrong!!! It did, however, allow you to make a very good point about voting. So you see, all that outrage about football led you to a very noble statement. I can't wait to vote. If only they still used the old voting machines so I could pull that lever really HARD!!!