Monday, September 3, 2012

Keep Me Out of the Fabric Store

I can't be trusted not to blow my wad.  Really.  I went over to Hancock yesterday afternoon with 2 things on my list: 1. more bobbins and 2. quilt block templates.  I got the bobbins, a 10-pack for 50% off, they didn't have the templates so I got a package of sheets to make my own.  Then I made the grave mistake of trolling the sale tables.  I should NOT  do that.  N. O. T.  You know, you look at the sign and it says "$5/yd" or "50% off" which seems like such a deal.  It isn't when you buy 3 yds. to make a skirt or you find 3 awning stripes, a gorgeous red solid, and a floral you really like,  with the half-price bobbin organizer deal of the day you toss into your basket at the cutting table you get out of there for just under fifty bucks.  Gah.  What happens to my firm determination to stop buying fabric and sew out of my stash?  I don't know.  It's the same thing that happens to my determination to cleave solely to my WW Points Plus regimen and not eat ice cream cones or fried fast food.  I'm weak, let me just put that out there, in those cases I'm weak.  Now, I can avoid smoking and ignore hard work pretty darned easily but I'm toast, a marshmallow when it comes to some temptations.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, I need a keeper.

I worked on the cotton hand towel I started in Rapid City and I'm almost done with the button strap.  Then I'll weave in the ends, sew on a button, and voila! a new towel.  Red too.  At the same time I'll weave ends and sew a button on the possibly too small one I made before we left.  There's enough of it to dry my hands on, plus it's just a towel.

The other night I met Z-Dawg at the Attic and while we caught up on our various workshops and trips I made a tiny little pompom to put on the tiniest preemie beanie I knitted on our trip.  I think it looks great on Basil Bison Buffalo.  I don't think he agrees, but I'm the boss of him, plus I think it looks cute.

On my last trip to JoAnn I also fell into the sale fabric trap, just not quite as deeply as I did yesterday.  I bought some rolls of ribbons to use to make straps that I forgot to take a picture of, and I also bought a few 1/4 yd. lengths to use as scarves.  I bought a single knit scarf at a boutique on the riverwalk in Sheboygan in April for about twenty bucks; I got 1/4 yd. of these 3 for less than that total.  You just get some t-shirt knit fabric (it's usually about 60" wide), get 1/4 yd., trim off the selvages, and voila! scarf.  I tie a knot in the ends to give them a little weight and I've frayed the dark coral one's edges (it's woven, not knit).  I'm thinking I'll put some thread in my Pfaff and sew a black key design around the edges to keep it from fraying anymore.  Should look classy and make it less messy.  I am a design genius!  Just ask me.


Aunt B said...

ncernaor11 ststrYes, you are a genius. And you're also your mother's daughter when it comes to not being able to resist buying fabric!!! Remember the doll room?????

Barbara said...

that doll room figures in many of my nightmares. not really but wasn't that something? holy moly.