Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inspiration Appeared

Yesterday I looked ahead at what the Photo a Day theme is for today, "underneath," and I couldn't for the life of me figure out what I was going to picture for it.  Then I got up, with my alarm (*huh* huff on my nails, polish them on my pseudo-lapel) this morning, and when I opened the patio curtains I knew.  The sun was still underneath the horizon making purple and orange clouds.  I snapped.  (no, not went off the deep end, I pressed the shutter, tsk)  I had to try a few exposure settings (really quickly so I didn't lose the color & light) so I have 4 photos I like.  Thank you, Fat Mum Slim, for setting me on this path.  In the past I probably would have noticed it, probably, but I wouldn't have managed to keep images of it.  While I was away Durwood had a visit from "our" hawk and snapped a few pictures, and on Monday last we both saw a bird we'd never seen before.  He got some so-so pix of him but they were just good enough (we were searching soon enough so we remembered it too) so we tidied them up on here, then paged through the bird ID books until we found it.  It's a Brown Thrasher, about robin sized, a ground-feeder, and a pretty rusty brown with a long tail.  Not flashy, but it's new to us.  I met my writing & knitting & all-around pal, Cookie, at Harmony Cafe last night after supper for a little writing.  We have some bad habits (talking more than writing) to overcome but I think we can manage it a couple times a month.  We've agreed to accompany my yoga teacher, MH, on another NaNoWriMo adventure in November so it's good to limber up our writing muscles.  Besides I have a novel manuscript to retype and fluff up.  I need to get myself in gear.  Now I'm thinking I need two extra days per week.  I want to do too many things and with the things I need to do and what I should do, I'm over-scheduled... or maybe that should be over-committed.  Maybe I should just BE committed.  We'll see; that's not a decision I can make from this side of the bars.

September 19--Royal Porcelain Manufactory, Wall Light.  "What kind of fertilizer are you using?" Jed asked, squinting at the wild tangle of vines, branches, and flowers.  "Uh, fertilizer?" Sam said. "Nobody told me I need fertilizer."  He reached out to stroke one of the vivid red flowers that looked like an open maw thrust hungrily out of the green leaves before them.  "I'm not even sure what it is."

Can't you see tendrils slithering out, curling around their ankles and yanking those two farmers into the green beyond?  I can.  Have a day.  It's cooled right down and feels like Wisconsin in September.  The summer was too danged hot and this feels great, but I'm not sure I'm liking the long pants thing yet.  A cotton cardi feels good but long pants... not so much.  It feels like a red shoes day, too.  BTW, remember I told you that I made up my mind to get back to working out, even a little, every day?  On Monday morning I did 32 minutes of Wii Yoga in my living room and my muscles are letting me know that they'd rather lay there flabby.  The backs of my arms (you know, that "wing" part) and my abs, my quads and the sides of my back are all in a chorus of revolt.  They were not impressed when I made them go through the Wii Yoga movements again today and they're all going to sigh with relief when I put them into the shower later, but soon we'll all be on the same page.  My legs are kinda bitching about the 2 miles I made them walk yesterday too... tough.  Carrying two 40# bags of birdseed and squirrel corn didn't impress my back and arms yesterday either.  Just deal with it, whining achy muscles.  I intend to use this body until it gives out.  So there.
--Barbara Sue

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Aunt B said...

Perfect "underneath" picture!! I feel for you with all the aching muscles, but proud of you for carrying on. It's one thing to have the thought but you're following through. Atta Girl!!!