Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Z-Dawg Knits a Lot of Socks

On Friday I went to Friday Night Knitting and Z-Dawg had brought the yarn she wanted to give away. Everyone had gone through it when I wandered over to look at the shopping bag of sock yarn leftovers. She said, "oh, just take it and donate what you don't want." So I did. When I got home I got out the ball winder and Durwood and I spent a couple of hours untangling and winding up balls. I've spent the days since thinking about what to make out of all that sock yarn. So far I'm thinking about a striped scarf or maybe a striped sock.

I've been unable to stop crocheting soap sacks. So far I've got 8 made; number 9 is on the hook.

I cast on a yoga sock in Cascade Fixation last Wednesday before I
went to the first night of Yoga Basics. I've knit a few more rounds this week, but I've mostly concentrated on soap bags. I don't know why I'm so fixated on soap bags but they are consuming my every yarn moment. I promise I'll knit on the sock tomorrow at work. Cross my heart.

It's 11 days until you-know-what. I can't imagine being ready.


Aunt B said...

You are a knitting/crocheting whirling dervish! But those little bags are sooooo cute. No wonder you can't stop!

Zoe said...

Wow that stash looks pretty impressive when you take the tme to clean it up like that! I'm glad they found a good home. ~Z-Dawg