Sunday, December 11, 2011

Cooking on Sunday

Oh, man, I should have taken pictures, shouldn't I? Durwood bought 3 Weight Watchers cookbooks at Cooks Corner yesterday. He isn't often allowed to go there unescorted but I got him a gift certificate for our anniversary so he had a pass. I started flipping through the quick recipes one and found one for Ham-Smothered Cheese Grits in the breakfast chapter. I zoomed right out to the store for low-fat cheddar and lean ham so I could make it this morning. It was delicious--and the same points count as my usual Cheerios/milk/prunes/fruit breakfast, plus we've got 2 more servings. *rubs hands together* Then I found a recipe in one of Mom's (bazillion) magazines for Mushroom and Lentil soup. DS came over for a knitting lesson today (he wants to make mittens) so I whipped up the soup. While I chopped and cook DS knitted himself a coffee cup cozy to remember how to knit. The soup was totally delicious. Then when lunch was over I helped him measure his gauge (using the cup cozy) and cast on stitches on DPNs to start the cuff. He knitted while I cleaned up all the dirty dishes I made and then I weaved in the tails on a couple of soap sacks, and made a Christmas-y jingle bell doodad for my car's rear view mirror. I realized that I enjoyed having the tinkling of little black jingle bell spider I put on there for Halloween so I made one for Christmas. (Okay, I got the cold food out of the fridge and took its picture. You'll just have to imagine it's hot, steamy, and ready to be eaten.) Now that the Packer game's on I've turned the kitchen over to Durwood and once I'm done posting this I intend to go downstairs to start making a yoga mat bag. I love making stuff.

December 10--Christian Kintzing, Clavichord. Her fingers rested on the keys
feeling the thrum of the pulse of the universe. She was certain that if she was able to hold still enough, to be silent enough, that she would get the message. She had first felt the vibration a few days earlier when she sat down to play. The notes had joined together to make a message. She was sure...

One of these days I'm going to be smart enough to go to bed early enough so that I don't fall dead asleep 4 sentences in. Dammit.

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