Monday, December 5, 2011

Safe Passage

I worked like a paper devil this weekend and now we can walk from the bottom of the stairs to the laundry area without risk of breaking bones. In general, the house is starting to feel normal again. I'm determined to get through the rest of the boxes in the living room and combine and organize their contents. THEN I'll sit down and relax. Cross my heart. Yesterday also was our 35th wedding anniversary so we carded and gifted each other (Durwood gave me a $35 Barnes & Noble gift card and I gave him a $35 Cooks Corner gift card), and then (after the nail-biting end of the Packer game) we made ourselves a sumptuous repast. I volunteered to fire up the Weber and grill our steak; he baked a potato and an onion for use to share, steamed carrots, and sauteed mushrooms. Lots better than any restaurant could make plus we didn't have to get dressed up. Happy Anniversary, sweetheart, I'd marry you all over again.

December 4--Germany, Aquamanile in the Form of a Cock. Jean and Randy loved poking around in antique and junk shops. As Randy said, "our very favorite is a 'junque' shop because we know the owner's got a sense of humor." Over the years they had replaced all of their furnishings bought in department stores with their finds--and it showed. None of their dishes, glasses and silver flatware matched. Not each other, not itself. Each and every place setting was it's own separate entity made up of pieces bought in dim and dusty shops all over the Midwest. The only thing they had in common was a proximity to Jean or Randy.

A-a-a-and it's time to shower for work. Enjoy your day.

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Aunt B said...

Happy Anniversary to you two lovebirds!! Your gifts to each other and celebratory dinner sound perfect to me. Thirty-five years is definitely a milestone!!