Monday, December 12, 2011

Mondays Come Around Awfully Fast

Seems like every other day's a Monday, but then why don't I have more money in my wallet seeing as how I get paid on Monday? I joined Book Mooch weekend before last and I still haven't found time to start piling books on there. (And how come website addresses don't have "www" in front of them anymore?) I want to, I really do, but somehow my days off go even faster than non-days off. Could it be that I try to do too much? Nah, not me, I would never try to cram 3 days' worth of doing into one measly day (Friday). No, no, no. Today it's drizzly which means that the drizzle is freezing onto the now colder pavement. I went out to refill the squirrel corn and nearly slipped and fell on my way back onto the patio, caught myself, but still, it's slick out there. (I just had the thought that I should call Mom to tell her in case she's going out to play bridge today, but she's not there, is she? Damn.) The girls will be here in 9 more days! I'm really looking forward to having them around again for a short time. Hmm, guess we'd better get the tree up and start making holiday goodies. I hung the big Santa picture on Saturday. Isn't that enough? Probably not. There's no snow for Anne yet either and the lawns are still green-ish. Oh well. With all the zooming around I did last month I'm just as glad that the snow has held off. I didn't need bad roads to go along with my near-total distraction.

December 11--Christian Kintzing, Clavichord. The keys are backwards, the white ones black and the black ones white. It has that sound like chimes, not a piano, too, and no legs. This is not furniture, it's an accessory. People always find ways to make music, formal or informal, it doesn't matter as long as they can keep a rhythm going. Percussion is easy, just tap or bang with a stick, clang cymbals, or shake a maraca. Where am I going with this? Seems like nowhere in a big hurry. It shouldn't be a surprise that two nights of staring sleepily at a clavichord didn't produce a rollicking story.

And that's that. One more weekend down the drain and one more lame prompt post. I appreciate your dedication to reading this drivel.

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