Thursday, December 8, 2011

I Yoga-ed!

It was lovely. There were 5 people there I knew, and I only knew one was coming. I suspected another one might but the others were surprises. People follow me around, that's how cool I am. (snort) We learned how to sit and to breathe. It takes concentration to breathe the way Mardi told us to and I'm not sure I got that. There're 3 more weeks of Yoga Basics (free!) and we can keep going until we feel ready to move up to Beginner. I already like it. I will definitely be sewing up a yoga mat bag this weekend. It was very different from Wii Yoga which shouldn't have surprised me, but I like them both. Tomorrow morning I'm hoping Skully and I can walk out along the bay marshes. We won't take the dogs but it's a fun place to walk that we don't go to often enough. It's too buggy a lot of the year, but no self-respecting bug should be there in this bone-chilling cold. Good thing we're knitters and have hats and gloves and scarves. Tonight's the auction so I'm meeting Durwood there after work to see how Mom's things sell. I hope we get good prices for them, or at least some of them. It's been a long long time since I've been at an auction, it should be fun.

December 7--Alfred Sisley, View of Marly-le-Roi from Coeur-Volant. In the fall the golden leaves frame the view of the village like a gilt border. Aggie liked to follow the sun around the house during the day. Her mama called her "Sunflower" for her ability to find the smallest ray of sunshine to sit in. On rainy days Aggie hid in the dark library where she read books about living on islands in the South Pacific where it was sunny most of the time. She was sure that she had been born into the wrong family. Not that she didn't love her family but she was sure she had been destined to have lived in someplace where the sun shone every day.

It's been sunny today. That always makes me feel better, although I could do with a nap right about now.


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