Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Back to Normal

I'm never really sure where normal is (yeah, yeah I know Normal [capital N] is in Illinois, I'm talking about the state of being normal) and I suspect I never even get to the outskirts, but today the sky is thickly overcast, it's windy, and colding down fast, I don't have to work, and we're having some kind of fish for supper. That's normal around 1510 and Green Bay, WI for Tuesday in the last week of the year. Durwood has a breathe-y doc appointment later this morning and all that's on my agenda is folding the sheets in the dryer and maybe seeing if I can spend my Christmas money at the preplayed Wii game store. If I feel like motivating myself off the couch, that is. DD & DIL2 made it home safely and in good time yesterday; that phone call's always a relief to get. I need to do some remedial work on Fifi Jr. today. She didn't weather yesterday's wind well at all. I'm sure I can find a stake I can secure her to to keep her on her feet, so to speak. When I was out shopping for stocking stuffers Friday I finally found something I've been looking for for years to put in them--kaleidoscopes. Not expensive ones, just cheap ones, but they're so much fun to look through I thought everyone would enjoy them. For Durwood Santa found a fake spider, I... uh, she... er, Santa couldn't resist it. I think he liked it.

December 26--Andrea del Santo, The Holy Family with the Young Saint John the Baptist. "Uncle Joe, do you mean to let Josh play with the globe? He might break it." That was my cousin John. When he wasn't dragging people into the river trying to push them under, he was tattling on everybody. John was the one who thought he was the rule keeper and the rest of us were rule breakers. He had a reputation, let me tell you. There wasn't one kid in our small town who hadn't been punished for something John ratted them out about. Mom always said we should be tolerant of John's ways but she wasn't the one he told on. John was her sister, Miriam's kid and since she thought that Aunt Miriam could do no wrong she was sure the same was true of John. My mom was a saint.

Okay, I blame that on Christopher Moore. Can you believe that there're only four more days of 2011? A. Mazing. It can't leave fast enough, this has not been a good year for a myriad of reasons. Good riddance. Shoo.

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