Sunday, December 4, 2011

Is It Cannibalism...

to eat our great-grand-eggs? Henny & Penny aren't really related to us, they're our grand-chickens, so it's not as if we're eating parts of our actual family. Right? Right. They were very delicious. That counts for something, right? I spent a happy and sweaty afternoon and early evening yesterday making the basement passable. I found a mound of things I can donate to Goodwill today and managed to work the bins of dolls and photos into places on storage shelves. I'm still working to make my crafting area more efficient. I joined Book Mooch to see if I can't find good homes for a whole whack of books that I just don't need to keep. I'm planning to move all of Durwood's psychic books over so that I can purpose the entire long wall as yarn and fabric storage so I've got more cutting room and ironing room. The poor ironing board just doesn't get the respect it deserves right now. I want to change all that. I've grouped together all the things I'm keeping for DD to take home at Christmas together in one accessible place too. Today's the day I swap the lawnmower for the snowblower in the garage. It's time. We got 2" of snow in November and I'm sure more's supposed to come any day now. (yeesh) A couple years ago I didn't swap until we'd had about 6" and it was damned difficult to drag the lawnmower through the deep snow around the house to the shed. I do not want to repeat that stunt. And today's our 35th wedding anniversary! I can't believe we've been married that long. It's been a fun and interesting time. I wouldn't trade it for the world. Who else but Durwood would put up with my craziness for that long? And like it? He's a keeper.

December 3--Germany, Lower Saxony, Aquamanile in the Form of a Cock. It was still dark. Not a thread of daylight pierced the high east window in their studio but that damned rooster belonging to the church lady next door was crowing for all he was worth. Sada groaned and tried to burrow under her pillow. The rooster crowed again right outside their door. "Go out and shoo it away," she said, nudging her husband. "Take the broom but be sure and put on pants." The thought of Dave out there with is cute white ass shining in the dawn light made her giggle. Dave hasn't answered so she rolled over to wake him up. She reached out and stroked his arm. He was cold, like he'd slept in the breeze from the air conditioner, and he was wet. She rolled back and turned on the light. Dave's side of the bed was crimson with blood as was her hand and her whole left side. Dave lay on his back with his throat cut and his eyes wide. Sada sat up and began edging away from the carnage. She started to scream. It was full daylight before she stopped.

Okay, now, that's a story. (DS, I did not have you in mind, I can't help it if Sada married a Dave. Good thing that's not your real name. Love you, Mom.

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Aunt B said...

I'm taking your word for it that the basement is getting organized because that picture looked a bit scary! Not, however, as scary as your little story today! Yikes!!! And already getting out the snowblower -- that's a little scary too.