Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tuesday That Feels Like Wednesday

That's because I'm working today. I'm working today because DD & DIL2 are coming home tomorrow and then I won't have to work while they're here for a very short visit. They'll leave already on Monday the 26th but I'm just thrilled that they'll be here at all. I know it's not cheap to drive from KY to here and their jobs are important and demanding, but I'm happy that they'll be here all the same. Durwood's planning what he'll cook, having a good time figuring out how much meatloaf to make for a supper and sandwiches, and he said we can have ham & cabbage stew too. I love ham & cabbage stew. There's nothing like a bowl of hot veggies with a bit of dark pink ham, lots of carrots, (mmm) and onions on a cold, almost-winter night. Talk about comfort food, and I finished the cheese grits for breakfast. I always forget how much I like grits (with cheese, plain I need a lot of butter so they don't "fit the plan" quite as well) but I'll flag that recipe and make it for a treat now and then. I made a cauldron of chicken soup last night with lots of green beans and a little broccoli that was abandoned here by Lala when she left. I love making soup that I can toss all the leftover veggies into so that it's got lots of colors and flavors and it goodgoodgood for you. If your chicken soup is pallid and nearly flavorless I highly recommend you try making Pam Anderson's Fast Chicken Soup Base. You start with a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store deli and go from there. You use the bones and darkest skin (not the slimy fatty parts) to simmer in the broth and then you can take off in any culinary direction once you've got the base. Add curry and chickpeas for Middle East chicken soup, add 5 Spice Powder, a bag of stir fry veggies, and some bean sprouts for Chinese chicken soup, add a can of stewed tomatoes (or Rotel if you like spicy), black beans and cumin for Mexican, add tomatoes, oregano, and cheese tortellini for Italian. The sky's the limit. I vary the broth mixture, sometimes adding beef or veggie instead of all chicken, to make it taste different. It's fast (hence the name) and easy and makes enough for serving and saving. What's not to love? Making soup always makes me feel like I'm taking extra good care of people. It's addictive and waaaaay better than the canned stuff. Now, go make soup!

December 19--Alexandre Cabanel, The Birth of Venus. How did she just appear there in the surf? Wade had been standing on the shore for an hour trying to work up the nerve to paddle out past the break to where the waves were born but he was certain he'd spend more time under the cold blue-green water than riding the surface in the sun. The gulls raucous cried felt like bullies' jeers as she paced up and back. There was a group of four of them swarming above a seal out on the submerged rocks. He kept his eyes on the quartet of birds and the inert seal. It was pale furred, almost albino looking and he turned to walk toward it.

I suspect that this painting was an excuse for that French guy to paint a naked girl, and the longer I stared at it the more I realized that she's lying there looking at him from under her arm, daring him to put down his paintbrush and come over and DO something about the fact that she's lying there all nude and available. She's naughty, I can just see it. Bad. Bad girl. Well, off to keep the world safe from SCUBA diving. Stay dry!

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