Tuesday, December 13, 2011


I got a call from Skully yesterday warning me that she planned to kidnap me after our walk this morning. I said okay. We walked, then knitted a bit, had a little snack, went to Monterey Yarns where we fondled yarn, drove to Quilt Diva to fondle fabric, then to Tony Roma's for soup for lunch. After that I escaped (okay, I was released) stopped at Hobby Lobby, cashed my paycheck and came on home. It's a gray and dreary day, it's all I can do not to let my eyes close and take an impromptu nap. Maybe I'll go lounge on the couch and see if I can't doze off for a few winks. My FIL used to say he was "going to take a fiver," I could use a fiver right about now. I could hardly pry myself out of bed this morning but I didn't want to be late for my kidnapping. Can you believe that it's nearly Christmas? I can't. It was 40 degrees this morning and the glacier in the birdbath is all melted. I fear it won't be a white Christmas for DIL2 this year. I don't mind.

December 12--John Bennett, Vase. Grace carried an armful of branches into the house the day after Leo died. She chose the yellow earthenware vase with the res flowering quince blossoms on it because it had been Leo's favorite. She stood in the silent room in the blue dawn light trimming the branches and poking them into the flower frog in the vase to hold the stems. Leo used to bring her flowers from his walks. He'd come swinging in with his smile flashing so please with himself. So proud to have found a new or different flower to show her. Grace was not looking forward to the next few days. She didn't want to be told that she'd get over it. She wanted to wallow in her misery, to wear Leo's favorite clothes and eat pretzels and chocolate ice cream into the night without having to make an excuse.

And now I'm going to test the doze-ability of the loveseat.

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