Friday, July 7, 2017

Not Fair

An orange counts zero points on Weight Watchers.  I could eat eight oranges in a day and not charge myself one point for all of them.  But for this gorgeous glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice I'm supposed to charge myself six points.  6 points!  I'm not doing it.

Look who I talked into going outside this morning.  He expressed a wish to see the garden up close instead of out the kitchen window but it's been hothothot and humid for the last few days and breathing in hot and humid isn't easy for him.  Today, however, it was gorgeous around 10 o'clock so I assured him that it was perfectly safe out there and I'd make sure he didn't lose his balance on that step down so he agreed to chance it.  As you can see the trip was a success.  I dug out an old white umbrella for shade while he sat out by the garden and I played Vanna White showing off the baby tomatoes and bell peppers, then I parked him in the patio shade in the breeze for a bit.


The blueberries are ripening.  Aren't they beautiful?  I think I might need to sew or knit something in those shades of green, pink, red-violet, and blue-violet.  I was even nice and picked a ripe berry to share with Durwood.

While we sat there I got out my Teflon tape and wrenches to see if I couldn't fix the leaky fountain.  I think I did it.  Fingers crossed.  OJ loves to play in the fountain when he visits and I'm guessing it wasn't built for a 14 month old's tender touch.  Hey, he loves to be outside and I make sure that the fountain and birdbath are scrupulously clean before he arrives so he can splash and get all wet to his heart's content just like I did for his sister the last few years.

For last night's supper I sliced the second ingot of gyro meat and fried it up for our supper.  My slices were thicker than Durwood's so a person could taste the meat.  It's good with a strong oregano and rosemary flavor.  I might have to dig out some tortilla chips scoops to eat more of that tzatziki sauce I made--before it goes bad.  You understand.  I can't freeze it, it's made with yogurt and cucumbers and having it mold away would be a travesty.  I'd be eating it so it doesn't go to waste.  Wasting food is bad.  Starving children... and all that.  (where were the "starving children" your mother told you about so you'd finish your supper when you were a kid?  mine were in Europe because it was shortly after WWII.  now are they in Africa?  more likely they're around the corner...)

Last night I went out to knit with some of my first knitting friends and added quite a few foot rounds to the Easter Egg Anklet.  Maybe I'll manage to finish the foot and start the toe decreases at Friday Night Knitting tonight.

July 7--Bust of Emperor Lucius Veras as an Arval Brother.  How did the sculptor make marble look like flesh?  Gina stood staring at the bust of a Roman Emperor carved a couple thousand years ago.  They only had hand tools then, she knew that, so they must have worked for months to make it look so lifelike.  He had curly hair draped with a flowing head covering and his beard was curly too.  Her fingers itched to reach out to stroke his cheek but she was certain an alarm would sound or a guard would come to march her right out the door.

I almost forgot.  As I walked to my car last night after knitting I saw the full moon just peeking over the building across the street.  I'm so glad they didn't tear down all the old buildings when they "urban renewed" in the seventies.

Now it's past time for lunch.  Lucky for me there's a bit of that gyros meat left from last night.  I do believe that I can make it go away, with a tzatziki sauce and scoops chaser.  Ciao.

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Aunt B said...

All the photos today are each like a story unto themselves -- Durwood enjoying the "back forty" like a farmer overlooking his crop, the blueberries look like a spring bouquet, the flowers and birdbath a tiny French garden, the half-knitted anklet like a real Easter egg, the full moon over the preserved building a throwback to the 1930's -- and the orange juice..... well, the points for that are a sad story!!! Nice to see your hubby out there in the sunshine. Good girl!