Saturday, July 29, 2017

I Need Organization--Or a Kick in the Slats

Okay.  It has now been four weeks since I retired and while I am definitely inching back into the real world and getting more things done, I still need to be taken in hand. That thought came to me while I was doing my morning yoga--for the first time in four days.  I need to stop sitting at the kitchen table until noon (or later) in my jammies reading the paper and doing the Jumble, Sudoku, and crossword.  My diet is a mess.  I'm not even showering on my "regular" days. I feel like I'm frittering away hours that could be productive and it's pissing me off.  Did you notice what happened yesterday?  I didn't blog, I didn't yog (yoh-g) either and I had no appointments of any sort, except for Friday Night Knitting after supper.  I did manage to get myself down to the sewing machines around 1 o'clock and get my first 100 Acts of Sewing Dress no. 1 assembled except for the pockets and the hem.  Big whoop.  I should have been down there all morning too, getting the dress/tunic done and maybe a pair of pants done too.  This has got to change.

I will be walking to the pool for Monday night water aerobics from now on.  (it's only two blocks, for the love of god) Blogging will be done in the morning (at least today I started in the morning).   I'm thinking about setting my alarm so I can get up and take a quick walk while it's cool out. (that's a real maybe, not setting an alarm was one of the lures of retiring when I debated whether to or not)   Happily August 1 is on Tuesday so I can spend tomorrow and Monday sitting with my Bullet Journal working things out.  I'll be charting a loose schedule, marking things I want to accomplish like starting to scan photos to CDs, so that I don't feel like days are flying away and I'm not getting anything done or even started.  And there will be no more candy or ice cream for a while.  WW meals will be planned and executed.  (I feel so much better when I eat that way, why do I ever go back to eating crap?  To quote OJ, "I no no!")


On my way to FNK I did remember to take the fruit and veggie peels from this week's soup making and fruit bowl filling over to the chickens and was rewarded with two fresh eggs.  Aren't they pretty?


Tomatoes!  I got to harvest more than one tomato today (maybe I'll get to eat one) and there are more Sweet 100s, the cherry tomatoes we like, getting ready to ripen.  I neglected to go out and tie the branches up earlier this week so I had to brace them with a shoulder while corralling them with a tie.  There's sure a lot of plant out there for tomatoes to hide under.  I broke down and bought slug repellent that I'll be applying tonight as per the directions.  Every one of the larger tomatoes has at least one slug bite but Durwood just washes the tomato and cuts them out. That's my Tomato Boy, he's hardcore. 

In other garden news the Butternut squash is making squashes like crazy.  I envision vats of yummy squash soup in my winter future.

Let's see, is that it?  Kick in the slats, whine about laziness, plan schedule, consider setting alarm, show off almost completed dress,, eggs, and garden... yep, that's it.  I'll save the birds and flowers for tomorrow.

July 29--Underwood and Underwood, Five Women in Swim Dresses on Beach Looking out to Sea.  They called themselves "The Fearless Five"--Clara, Amelia, Irene, Rita, and Bess.  They'd gone through school together, graduated high school the same year, and every one of them went on to earn a degree.  After all, they were living in the 20th Century where old ideas were dying and women were stepping up to take their rightful place in the world.  They had jobs, no, more than jobs they had careers.  Legal secretaries, schoolteachers, and one accountant--they were women of substance and no one was going to put them to shame for wearing leg-baring swim dresses that left their arms and shoulders exposed.  They even had their photo taken to celebrate the day. 

Oh, the other day OJ discovered Meemaw's notebook and what the pointy end of that pink tube clipped in it could do.  He was properly amazed at his find.  Now I'm off to finish my dress and sew up some pants.

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Aunt B said...

Oh my goodness -- you are so organized. Well, getting organized. Love your bullet journal again. Remember when you were doing that when you were recovering from the broken ankle? You even had illustrations! That picture of the eggs deserves framing. We're off to Wilmington for Beach Week. Leaving early (very early) tomorrow morning. Plan to see a lot of old friends while we're there. Back on Friday.