Sunday, July 30, 2017

I Might Be on That Road Paved with Good Intentions...

Well, maybe I'm on the on-ramp.  I swore I'd get to blogging in the morning and I see I've got 20 minutes left before the morning is over, but here I am and if I type (and think) fast enough maybe I can hit "publish" before the clock strikes noon.  Maybe.

I was a good wife this morning (for a change) and helped Durwood work out a more understandable and less frustrating way of dealing with all the pills he takes.  We both got tired of him grunting, sighing, and muttering as he filled his pill minder on Sundays so I asked if it would help if I did it, consulting him as I did, of course.  He agreed, so we spent 45 minutes following his list (thank god I made a list a few months back) and rethinking his "time to call for refills" organization system.  It went much smoother and there was a whole lot less muttering.  I won't say that I didn't start over organizing all those little amber plastic bottles a few times but we got it done and no one cried.


Yesterday afternoon I finished the first Dress no. 1 (tunic length) and figured out where to put the pockets.  I kind of like that she didn't put marks where to put them but lets the maker decide whether they should be in front or more to the side.  Durwood and I agreed that more to the side was better, not that they're very visible on this busy print but they're there where the colored zigzags go sideways.

Then after supper I went downstairs again and whipped up a pair of capri-length knit leggings. to wear under the dress. (I love my serger)  I'm a big fan of Sonya's layered style so I'm going to make myself some layers and give it a go.  So far I think I love it.

I promised you birds and flowers today so here goes:  up top is the Bluejay hanging upside down working to get a peanut out, next is a Downy Woodpecker having a suet snack, and last is a very bright House Finch obviously determined to attract the ladies.

Now for the flowers:  the Purple Coneflowers are looking glorious and there's no other word than gorgeous for the Stargazer Lilies.  Fragrant, too.

 July 30--Max Bruckner, Scenery design for Das Reingold by Richard Wagner.  The mountains looked like dark ragged teeth in the distance.  Clouds, shredded by the wind, swept below the peaks.  No trees softened the sharp edges of rock and boulders tumbled down like runaway trains.  "You have got to be kidding."  Sue looked at John.  "Did you even see a picture of this?"  John shifted from foot to foot and didn't meet her eyes.  "Well, uh, I read a log of reviews on TripTalker, you know, that travel website.  A few of them had pictures of the cabins..."  His voice trailed off as a section of rock the size of an office building separated from the mountain with a crack that echoed down the valley toward them.  "Maybe it'd look better if the sun was shining," he said.  She slipped her backpack off her shoulder.  "It will look better from my room at the nearest Holiday Inn," she said as she shoved her pack into the SUV and climbed behind the wheel.  "You coming?"  He tripped over his feet in his haste to put his pack in the back and get into the passenger seat before she drove away.

I would not want to be riding in that vehicle, would you?  Well, I didn't get to hit "publish" by noon but I'm closer than I was yesterday and that's something, right?  A friend invited the Friday Night knitters over this afternoon because she wants to use her mother's lemonade pitcher and glasses.  I think that's an excellent reason for a get-together.  I should probably dress.  Maybe I'll wear my new clothes to show them off.  What a novel idea.

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