Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Everything Is Green Around Here

Well, everything I have to show you today.

I went out after the shade reached the garden yesterday afternoon to stake up the tomatoes that are shooting out the top of the cages and then use long twist tie things to corral the branches.  That let me cut out a lot of suckers so the plants stop making stems and leaves and concentrate on making us some tomatoes to eat.

I like the way the Sweet 100s grow along a stem looking rather grape-like.  They ripen in series too.

The bell pepper plant continues to be happy making a pepper or two for us to enjoy

When I weeded all along the top of the retaining wall a couple weeks back I was flagging toward the west end and found these plants.  I don't know if they're a weed or a flower but I decided that they're a flower or flower enough to be allowed to grow.  When I found them the flowers were purplish, now they're no longer purple but they've expanded.  So if anyone knows what this is let me know, will you?  Thanks.  I know it's not poisonous because I didn't get a rash weeding around it.

And finally the daily bee balm & daisies picture.  I'm going to keep posting them while they're a-bloom--because I can.

July 11--Brygos Painter, Assembly of the Heroes in Camp before Troy.  Clad in pleated linen they stand or sit beneath favorable stars talking of anything but the morning.  Their shields, swords, and spears hand on the wall within easy reach but no one moves to take them down.  There will be time enough for that when the sun comes up again.  Tonight they are comrades in arms sharing a table and toasting their past victories with Spiros' good wine.  Even the dogs like underfoot, putting aside their usual squabbles for table scraps as if they too are saving their energy for tomorrow's fight.

It's hot and humid outside so my car was like an oven when I went to the grocery.  Maybe I'll have ice cream for supper...

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Aunt B said...

Green is good -- especially in your garden and backyard. I'm glad you decided whatever that plant/weed thing is a flower. Very pretty but I have no idea what it is. Ice cream for supper sounds good.