Sunday, July 2, 2017

I Was Right

When I took DD out last night to show her my first blueberry, it was gone.  Some rascally rabbit, chipmunk, or bird nabbed it when I wasn't looking.  Today there's another one, closer to the ground this time, half pink and half blue, I'm still hopeful I'll get to eat this one.

I promised to report on the success and tastiness of my homemade gyros and tzatziki sauce, so here we go.  Durwood sliced one of the ingots of meat really thin and I fried the slices up in some olive oil, then kept it warm while I got it all cooked up.  Durwood and DD diced red onion and a Roma tomato.  We each had a pita and got busy building our own personal gyro sandwich.  Chef John served his with some shredded lettuce so I added some once I took the picture; it was okay.  I could take it or leave it--the lettuce, I mean, not the gyros.  The sauce is delicious and the meat is good.  Next time I'd like the meat sliced a bit thicker but I can't wait to have another one, it's that good.

Today's survey of what's blooming turned up the first daisy and a bee balm just starting to bloom.


The geraniums and the vine are looking gorgeous.  I do love me some red geraniums.

July 2--Underwood and Underwood, Woman in Large Hat of Soft Horsehair and Lace.  Jared looked across the room at the woman.  She wore a large hat with a wide brim that hid her face.  Only her mouth was visible.  He was stuck by the sharp contrast of the red of her lips against her pale skin.  He watched her talk and saw how her smile made the center of her upper lip dip to nearly touch her lower lip.  He imagined rubbing his thumb over those lips, feeling the warmth of her breath on his hand.

Oooh, if I hadn't been so darned sleepy something interesting might have turned up in a paragraph or two.  It's great having DD home and all to ourselves.  She and I did some errands this morning and lucked out that the Sunny Hill Farms truck was in the hardware store parking lot so we bought a pint of fresh raspberries, a quart each of blueberries and strawberries, a pound of sugarsnap peas, two kohlrabi, and a tomato.  Yum.  Happy sunny Sunday.

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