Monday, July 10, 2017

Harvesting Blues


BlueBERRIES, that is.  I went out to see the garden this morning and went right back inside for a bowl because there were way too many ripe blueberries to hold in my cupped hand.  See?  A cup-hand's worth went on this morning's yogurt and Durwood nabbed one when I showed them to him and the rest are in the fridge for tomorrow's breakfast.  I might have to stir up some pancake batter and make blueberry pancakes.  Doesn't that sound good?  Maybe we'll have blueberry pancakes for supper and chicken stir fry for breakfast... no, probably not but it's tempting

I saw that yesterday's big yellow squash blossom had drooped but look what's behind it--a teeny tiny butternut squash.  So far this is the only one but I'll bet there'll be more soon.  As soon as I post this I will be going out to stake and tie up the tomato plants that are outgrowing their cages.  I was going to do it yesterday but couldn't seem to bestir myself.  Today the escaping tomatoes get it.  My knitting friend Mitch told me that on Friday's show the WI Public Radio garden guy talked about planting tomatoes in straw bales and then planting the same varieties in the ground nearby so he can contrast and compare.  I'm looking forward to hearing his results.  Guess I'll have to start tuning in WPR or at least listening to it on the Kindle while I knit.

In other gardening news, I decided to pull a carrot to see what's happening in there.  Not a lot, evidently, or maybe it's been so long since I've had any success growing carrots this is where the carrots are supposed to be at this stage.  I'm just glad I fenced the marauding bunnies out of there.

I've been learning how to carry a second color yarn while crocheting working on a zodiac cloth for someone who has a birthday coming up.  With such high-contrast colors as navy and khaki the carried yarn isn't disappearing like the YouTube tutorial said it would but it's not hard and I'm guessing a round of wash-and-dry will go far toward tightening up the stitches.  Since I'm determined to knit and crochet from stash I'm using worsted weight yarn instead of the DK (two sizes smaller) called for so my cloth is way bigger than your standard washcloth.  Not that I care, you understand, and I'm confident that the (eventual) recipient won't care either, I just thought I'd warn anyone thinking to make one of these cloths.  If you don't want a dresser cloth or hand towel, use the specified size yarn.  You have been warned.  (I just checked my stash on Ravelry only to find a different yarn that's still bigger than called for but smaller than what I'm using... next time... I'm not stopping now.)

On Saturday I stopped by a rummage sale held by a knitting friend and found a few goodies.  The thing I'm most excited about is the galvanized tin shopping bag-shaped "vase."  I'm quite certain I'll never put a bouquet in it but I just love it.  It'd probably snag yarn so that's out.  Maybe it can hold projects that are in cloth bags...  I also found a yoga DVD and manual (it was $1, even if I don't like it, it was a buck), some Amelia Bedelia I-Can-Read books for LC who loves books and will be reading before we know it, some blank postcards from Eastern Europe, and an ancient copy of "The Five Little Peppers and How They Grew" dated 1909 (also $1) that I can't decide if I want to read or give it to a friend who loved the book as a child.  Maybe I'll do both, read it and then gift it.

July 10--Berthe Morisot, Eugene Manet and his daughter Julie in the Garden at Bougival.  Papa's lap made a good place for Julie to set up her town on.  He held nice and still and his lap was just the right height for her.  She stood beside him and put the houses, trees, and businesses right where they belonged on the board.  It wasn't every day that Papa had time for a walk to the garden.  Usually Nanny Maureen walked with her but today Nanny Maureen was sick.  She had been sick a lot lately, red-eyed and crying too.  She said her tummy hurt.  Julie thought that Nanny Maureen should see Doctor Baker because her tummy was starting to swell up and Julie thought that had to be had.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, methinks Nanny Maureen has been naughty.  Ah well, such is youth.  I vaguely remember youth.  I slept until after 8:30 this morning which shortens the day considerably.  It's past time for lunch and I still need to go out and fix those tomato plants.  Guess I'd better get a move on, besides Durwood needs the chair I'm sitting in so he can fold laundry, and I am happy to give up my seat to someone who wants to fold laundry.  Toodles.  Oh, and daisies.


Aunt B said...

A bumper crop of blueberries -- and all at once. So yay for blueberry pancakes for dinner or breakfast or anything. You scored at that rummage sale. I did the same at that estate sale last Saturday. So much fun to pick up something wonderful for a dollar or so!

Aunt B said...

P.S. Love the daisies. I think you posted that one just for me!