Wednesday, July 26, 2017

I'm Not The Only Gardener Around Here

I noticed this green sprout up on the retaining wall a week or so ago and didn't give it another thought until last night when I glanced out and thought, hm, that's corn.  Seems the squirrels or chipmunks have been planting the corn kernels they've nibbled off the cob corn we put out to try to keep them out of the birdseed.  It diverts them a bit but I'm amazed that a nibbled off kernel will sprout and make nice sturdy plants.  There are some in the lawn along the wall but those get mowed.  I'm leaving these alone and will watch to see how tall they get and if they make corn.

I was in a food mood yesterday.  See both ALDI and Meijer had fresh fruit on sale so I gathered some up and yesterday made this gigantic bowl of fresh fruit.  It's a pineapple, a quart of (questionable quality) strawberries, a pint of blueberries, 2 kiwis, and 2 mangoes.  Yum.  I buried a cup of it under this morning's yogurt and 1/4 cup of granola and it's worth every minute of peeling and chopping and slicing.

Then I used another pint of blueberries to make blueberry tartlets.  These are what I usually make for Pi Day (March 14, you know, 3.14...) since they're quick, easy and inexpensive, plus yummy, can't forget yummy.  I couldn't wait for mine to cool so I ate it warm but Durwood doesn't like warm or hot desserts so he hasn't had one yet, but he'll get to it.  Or I'll eat them all, one a day, for the next 5 days.

I'm possessed by the idea of making myself some clothes and I had a "20% off your entire purchase" coupon that expires today so I went off to Jo-Ann Fabrics to spend it.  I saw this orange linen/polyester blend fabric last week when I went to spend a different coupon but decided not to buy it.  I regretted it so was glad to see it still there and still 40% off (plus 20% more off at checkout, woohoo).  Then I found some dark denim with a little spandex in it and some cotton and Lycra to make cropped leggings to wear under the dress/tunic I want to cut out today.  There is no logic to my making cool clothes to wear now that I no longer work but it's something I want to do and a way I'd like to dress so now that I have the time I'm going for it.

Today TWO tomatoes were ripe for the picking.  Do you think I'll get a taste of one of these?  Maybe, if I'm fast enough.

July 26--Paul Gauguin, Bonjour, Monsieur Gauguin.  That man in the camel coat was walking his dog past her house again.  Sylvie wondered why he came this way.  Hers was the third last house on the dead end and beyond was a busy rail yard.  Not the place to walk a dog.  Now, in the other direction there was a nice park with flowers in spring and lovely trees where the little dog could chase squirrels and maybe find a child to play with.  Sylvie thought that the camel coat was too nice to wear in a rail yard.  Grease from engines would be hard to remove.  "Bonjour, monsieur," she said as he passed but he grunted and kept walking.  The day was damp and her hands fumbled with the broom.  The autumn leaves stuck to the walkway refusing to budge as she swept her way to her gate.  The neighbors would gossip if she didn't keep up with keeping the place presentable.  Giles always had kept it so nice.  She was surprised at how much work it was.

Congratulations, Monsieur Gauguin, for painting something besides bare-breasted Tahitian girls who look like they'd rather be anywhere else but where they are.  Nice colors, too.  Time to limber up Mom's good shears and cut some fabric.  My plan is to cut out a few things so I will be able to sew and sew without having to cut in between projects.  Ooh, the other lily bud opened.  Adios.

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Aunt B said...

You do have a regular farm out there what with corn now being added. All that fruit looks beautiful. Love that orange print fabric. Perfect for a cute summer top.