Saturday, July 1, 2017

A Blue Berry

This morning when I went out to survey our acreage I noticed that one of the small blueberries wasn't green anymore, it was blue.  Not quite ready to be picked and eaten but it's a step in the right direction.  I've been so distracted by the bigger berries on the middle bush trying to will them into turning blue faster, I totally missed this one pioneer of a blueberry ripening before all the others.  Now fingers crossed that a bird or bunny doesn't find it before I get to pick and eat it.

The day lilies are looking glorious.  All over town there are rows of them lining houses and fence lines and the sides of buildings.  Looks like summer out there.

Not to be outdone the Early Girl tomatoes are getting bigger.  They're not changing colors yet but they're starting to look like tomatoes.  The Sweet 100s are lagging behind but I noticed a little sprig with a couple of tiny tomatoes on it and I'm sure more are coming.

Here's the whole garden this morning.  I'm loving this straw bale method.  Everything's growing and happy, even the herbs are happy now that they're planted in the ground where the water is.

I knitted on the Easter Egg anklet during my last afternoon at work on Thursday (of course I did) and got the heel, sole, and sides all joined up so I could work on zooming down the foot at Friday knitting last night.  I might have done more talking than zooming but I got some rounds knitted and a few more at brunch this morning.  I'm sure more rounds will get added this weekend while DD is here for a very short visit.

July 1--India, Islamic Period, King Orghuz on his Throne in the Gold Tent.  Jayne sat on a wooden crate in the corner of the junk shop flipping through a shelf of old books and magazines.  She was looking for interesting illustrations or colorful patterns to use in craft projects.  Most of the books were boring novels by authors she'd never heard of.  Even the covers were faded and drab.  Then there were the National Geographic magazines.  So many people saved them, read them and saved them never to look at them again but unable to toss them into the recycling bin.  Her enthusiasm flagged as she got to the lowest shelf.  There the books were too tall to stand on end so they lay atop one another.  She sorted through the pile quickly, anxious to get out of the stuffy, dusty store, then the gleam of gold lettering caught her eye.  Her hands shook as she turned page after vellum pages lit with the most amazing images she had ever seen.  She needed to collect herself so she could negotiate a good price.  The old guy that ran the shop had a sharp eye for an eager buyer.

Sorry for the radio silence yesterday but DD is coming for a short visit so there was a lot of sheet changing and crap rearranging to be done.  She should be here any minute so I've got to carry the crockpot downstairs and see if there's anything I can move or stash for Durwood.  And we get to finally eat my homemade gyros tonight.  Can't wait.

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Aunt B said...

Patience my child -- the blueberries will come all in good time. Hope you get them before the critters!