Monday, July 3, 2017

Feels Like Summer

When I went outside this morning it was lovely and cool but I could tell by the heat of the sun on my shoulders that it was going to warm up nicely, and it has.  This male Downy Woodpecker came for a snack while I was doing my yoga and stayed long enough for me to snap his photo.

DD and I drove around some, looking at the changes in the city, stopping at the dive shop so I could hand in my key (which made my keys look very strange without that brass one on there), then picked up some ramen noodles to make noodle bowls for supper using leftover steak and veggies.  We eat well here at Chez Malcolm.  And we're creative.

Aunt B, your bridal bouquet is starting to bloom.  These first daisies lined up for their portrait but there are dozens of buds just waiting to open.  I'll bet not many brides choose daisies anymore but I remember your bouquet being absolutely beautiful, you were too.

The more I look at these day lilies, the more I like orange.  I'm going to have to research other flowers that bloom orange, perennials so I don't have to keep buying them every year.

I stood on a chair to take the head-on lily picture and realized that the view down the spiral of fern fronds was absolutely glorious.  I'm so impressed that these ferns survive, much less thrive.  I rarely remember to water them and they're kind of in the rain shadow of the roof overhang.  Evidently these are tough ferns, not the delicate woodland kind.

July 3--Giovanna Garzoni, Grapes, Pears, and a Snail.  Mark left some fruit on the counter when he came in to clean up before going to town for supplies.  Sylvie heard him whistle as he changed out of his work clothes into clean jeans and a long-sleeved shirt.  She knew without seeing him that he'd have the sleeves rolled up almost to his elbows before he left the house.

I was bone-tired when I got into bed and that little bit up there's all I had the energy for.  I know there was more to that thought but the pull to dreamland was just too strong.  I won't promise more from tonight but maybe once I get used to retirement I'll have more for you.  Right now retirement doesn't seem real but I'm guessing it'll hit me on Wednesday when I don't have to get up to my alarms, don't have to make lunches, and don't have to go to work.  Turning in my key today was one step toward reality.

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Aunt B said...

We went through old photos and ephemera while the kids were here and unearthed a picture of me as a bride with my daisy bouquet. You're sweet to remember that. Long ago and far away!