Friday, September 23, 2016

Who Could Pass Up Chicken Dishes?

Not me, that's who.  This morning I went back to Joann's looking for the rest of that Asian print fabric so I might have enough to make the jacket for the class I signed up for on Craftsy.  There were about 3 yards left so I figure I'm golden although it is a one-way print so cutting out will have to be very deliberate and well-planned.  I can do it.

On the way from the front of the store back to the "value" fabrics (where I always shop) there was a rack of dishes with a 30% off sign.  I glanced at them and there was a vibrantly colored dessert plate with a rooster on it.  I checked what the price would be after the discount and decided I could afford some, so I sorted through the piles, discarding the butterfly (too frou-frou-y) and dragonfly (mmm, maybe but not today) plates and found one other rooster.  I made them mine.  I love the colors and I love the chickens, uh, roosters to be exact.  They'll make eating smaller portions fun.

Another fabric that caught my eye the other night and wormed its way into my cart today is this linen-ish fabric with cranes and peonies on it.  There's almost too much pink for my taste but the red, black and gold make it bearable.  It's another one-way design but I've got the pattern cut out and it'll be great.  I'll sew it a little oversize so I can wear it over a thin undershirt when it's colder.  At least that's my plan.  (may I say that I miss Hancock Fabrics, I'm very sorry they're closed)

Last night after supper I finished September Preemie Hat #2.  I like the bright bold stripes, don't you?

September 23--Denny Collins, Smiling Couple #2.  People gave them a year, maybe two, before their relationship broke up.  They were too different, some people said.  Others said they were too alike.  Mitch and Vonnie didn't pay any attention to what people said, they just got on with their lives.

And that's when my brain decided to get on with sleeping.  I spent most of today packing for my week up at The Clearing.  I leave tomorrow, hopefully around 9 o'clock, so this is fair warning that I won't have internet for the next week and I might or might not bestir myself to take my laptop off campus into the "real" world so I can blog.  Maybe I'll just closet myself in the peace of the woods and water and be back around October 1.  I'll think of you, I promise.  Oh, almost forgot my raincoat.

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Aunt B said...

You are almost on your way as I type this. Hope you have a wonderfully relaxing time at The Clearing. And when you get back, you can tear into all those beautiful new tops now residing in your mind.