Friday, September 9, 2016

It Did Too Make A Stocking

I know some of you were skeptical but I told you that that blob of yarn hexagons would make a stocking if I folded and seamed it--and it did.  After supper I crocheted the loop hanger and sewed it on and now, voila!, we have a shiny, blingy stocking all ready for that Jolly Old Elf to shove a little candy and a small toy or two into--or lumps of coal if the stocking's intended recipient is naughty.  Yesterday's customers spaced themselves out enough so that I had plenty of time to sew up the crooked seam that joined the edges into the stocking shape you see here.

I didn't remember to take the crochet hook so I cast on September Preemie Hat #1 and got about halfway to the crown decreases.  I searched for a pattern for a little leaf and plan to knit one to sew just above the lilac rolled brim.  I think that'll look just right for some small diva, don't you?

The sun wasn't quite up when I opened the curtains this morning so we've got some color in the sky instead of merely light.  In the last 2 1/2 hours the clouds have thickened and I'll lay you odds that the humidity has risen.  It looks like there isn't a breath of air stirring out there and according to this morning's newspaper we've had the hottest summer nights since they started keeping records.  I knew something was different about this summer.  Evidently there's been a constant flow of wet, hot air from the Gulf of Mexico all June, July, and August keeping us hot and clammy, keeping the air heavy and semi-solid.  Now it can quit.  I'd like some cooler, drier air, please, and RIGHT NOW.  *ahem*  Sorry, I don't know what came over me.  Must be my advanced age and dwindling patience with things not going my way.

I am battling the impulse to cast on a few new things, to not work on anything already begun (like finishing the Sudoku Throw, although I do plan to join the second panel's blocks tonight at Friday Night Knitting).  There's a skein of yarn begging to be a sock, and I don't have any socks on the needles so I could do that.  I saw a pattern on Tin Can Knits yesterday for a blanket made in Tunisian crochet with a big hook and holding three or four yarns together; I could do that.  Or a scarf/shawl holding several sock yarns together, and I have a big bag of those; I could do that too.  A few months back I bought some metal flask-shaped water bottles out of a clearance basket and I'm thinking of crocheting lace covers for them; patterns are researched, I've got all the hooks, and crochet cotton is downstairs.  I'm also tempted to drive down to Jefferson tomorrow to go to the WI Sheep & Wool Festival which I have never done and my friend, ZDawg, is there.  Help me!

September 9--Allan Laidman, Volleyball.  Sam landed face first and slid along the sand which seemed to be alive with its ability to worm its way into her clothes.  She watched them play beach volleyball on TV and the sand didn't stick to the players, they didn't seem to even sweat.  She, however, was a dripping, sandy mess before the game was barely begun.  She wasn't sure how they played in sports bras and the skimpy trunks they wore either.  She'd be picking at her bottom and her boobs would be trying to escape.  Maybe beach volleyball wasn't her sport.

What are you plans for the day?  I'm going to take a shower (you're welcome, those in my immediate vicinity) and then I guess I'm going to figure out how not to cast on ALL the things.

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Aunt B said...

I'm impressed with that Christmas stocking. But had no doubt you'd make it happen. Quite a feat (pun intended) if you ask me.