Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Not Much to Say

I don't really have much to report.  Yesterday was another dreary, drizzly day so I didn't get much accomplished worth talking about.

This morning's sky was looking pretty darned good.  I love the corrugated look of the clouds.  It's a lot cooler lately and I'm really liking that.

I got the dozen corn all grilled, shucked, wrapped, and frozen so the freezer is totally crammed full.  Now we can hold out during the zombie invasion just fine because I have plenty of all food groups (except the ice cream group) well represented down there. 

Got OJ's sun hat finished while icing my ankle last night.  Now we just need a sunny day so I'll have an excuse to take him for a walk.  I'm sure there will be one or two days like that available before the snow flies, plus it's a stretchy hat so it should fit him for a while, maybe even next spring.

I brought the basic shirt pattern and the two t-shirt knits to work today, along with pins, scissors, and marking paper so I can get a jump on my plan to sew this weekend.  Tonight I have to whip up a couple dips because my friend KW and I are in charge of treats for Thursday's knitting guild meeting.  I hopped over to Sam's last night for veggies to dip in the dips we're making.  KW will pick up a few dozen cookies for those not interested in healthy snacking.  It'll be awesome.

September 14--Bob Allen, Outside Images, #MTBKO-08704.  Clay loved the fall.  Loved the high blue sky that made the yellow aspen leaves look like doubloons.  Loved how warm the water was in the stream he rode his bike through on his way down from the cabin, that would change as soon as the snow up the mountain melted in the spring.  On ordinary days Clay looked like every other ex-ranch kid in his Wranglers, boots, and a snap-button shirt but on the weekends he wore space age spandex and rode his bike like most of his friends rode bucking horses.

Now I'm going into the back room to drag a long table out from against the wall behind the wesuits and set it up so I'll have lots of room to pin and cut.  I should probably eat lunch too.  Ciao. 


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Aunt B said...

Such a pretty sky. Ours is mixed right now -- blue to the west but cloudy out to sea. Expecting rain today but hope it isn't bad. I'm driving to a friend's to play bridge tonight and don't want to be out in a storm. At least it isn't far.