Sunday, September 4, 2016

All For Durwood

We have a few scraggly raspberry canes growing up on the renters' end of the retaining wall in the backyard.  We've even written it into the rental agreement that the berries are Durwood's.  This summer has been hard because he can't climb the little hill to pick and since I broke my ankle climbing has been a bit scary but the other day I walked to the bank, the long way, and came home the short way through the backyard so I stopped and picked the little handful of berries that were ripe.  He made them go away tout suite.  I need to go back up there with my shears to do a little trimming of dead canes and some weeding to give what's left a decent chance of survival.

Yesterday afternoon and after supper I knuckled down to crochet hexagons for Aa's stocking.  Thirteen of the needed sixteen are done, only three to go plus one square one, then I can assemble that one and get started on Mr. O's stocking.  If only crocheting didn't make my left wrist ache.

We are really enjoying having this male Oriole hanging around.  He keeps posing and I keep taking his picture.  The other day I saw him huddled in the honeysuckle but do you think I could get a picture?  Of course not.  The camera kept focusing on the screen and not the bird in the vines.  Foolish camera.  Who'd want to take a picture of a screen?  Not me, that's for sure.

September 4--Allan Laidman, Skull X-Ray.  Dr. Angie Logan held the x-ray up to the light.  She wasn't accustomed to having an actual piece of film.  The hospital where she trained had used digital scans and x-rays so she expected to be handed a laptop at St. Ben's or at the very least have access to a desktop computer.  "Where did this come from?" she asked the receptionist who had handed her the envelope when she came in after lunch.  "It was on my desk this morning.  It had your name on it.  That's all I know," Ruby said.  "Want me to dust it for prints?"  Angie shook her head.  "We're doctor's here," she said, "you don't work for the sheriff anymore."  "Don't be so sure about that," said a deep male voice behind her.  Angie turned to see a very tall man in cowboy boots, a big white cowboy hat, with a shiny gold star winking at her from his chest.

Durwood's taking a nap that'll end soon and then we're going to portion out the pork roasts I got the other day and get them frozen before they go bad, then I want to sit together and plot out our route to Ohio, then through Ohio to Kentucky and get some motel reservations made.  Hasta la vista, babies.

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Aunt B said...

Sounds like a trip is in your future. We're looking forward to ours to Florida in October. I already picked out a couple of houses to check out in Cape Coral -- if they're still on the market, that is. I'm ready to get going on our relocation to the Sunshine State.