Monday, September 19, 2016

Trying To Morning Better

It occurred to me that next week I'll need to get out of bed around 6 o'clock so I can yoga, shower, dress, and be at the breakfast table in the Lodge by 7:30 so I need to start practicing.  This morning I leaped (well, not exactly leaped, more like staggered) out of bed when the alarm went off at 6:30.  Got my lunches for the week organized and was yog-ing by 7:30.  After that, breakfast while Durwood sat groggily holding his coffee mug, skimmed the paper, got my day's clothes out, showered, and now I'm speed-blogging so I can leave for work in about 10 minutes.

There was a pair of bluejays nibbling the suet and getting drinks this morning but bluejays are such hit-and-run birds it's nearly impossible to get their picture if you're not sitting there with the camera in your hand.  I got this one up in the apple tree wiping some suet off his beak just before flying away with a squawk.

Last night Durwood made Chicken with Roasted Red Grape and Wine sauce for supper.  It's so good.  The seasoning is Herbes de Provence.  Have you ever used that?  It has every herb but the kitchen sink in there, even lavender, and it's so good.  I found a recipe for roasted sugar snap peas with fresh chives and a little sea salt.  Yum.  We followed the meal with a clementine each.  Now that's supper.

After supper I went downstairs and zoomed through making that shirt I cut out last week.  All I have left to do is hem the sleeves and bottom and that shouldn't take any time at all.  Cute, eh?  I can see that this pattern's going to get used a lot.  I think I'll buy another copy when they're on sale next so I can draw off the next smaller size because the sizes overlap, especially the neckline, they're not necessarily nested.

September 19--Mel Lindstrom, Sleeping Man.  Nan looked away from her book at Doug asleep beside her.  He was smiling.  Smiling the sweet smile that she hadn't seen in years.  She wondered what he was dreaming about.  Her first thought was of her beagle, Peggy, who used to woof and twitch her paws as she slept.  Dad said she was dreaming about chasing rabbits.  Doug didn't chase rabbits, she knew that for sure, he didn't chase anything.  He hadn't really chased her.  She joked that she'd run slow enough for him to catch her but the truth was she'd kind of chased him, making him think he'd been the aggressor.  She realized she was smiling, too.  She poked her glasses up on her nose and went back to her book.  This late hour was no time for extemporaneous smiling.

Okey-dokey, photos, spellcheck, Publish, and go.  Bye.


BFayBooks said...

You are the best! I love your posts and admire your energy and activity. By the way, I tried to prove I'm not a robot by singing "itsy bitsy spider" at that little gray square below, but it took no notice. I assure you, however: I. Am. Not. A. Robot.

Aunt B said...

That chicken dish looks delish. And fruit for dessert -- what a good girl you are. I'm trying to skip what had been my nightly treat of ice cream in an attempt to drop a pound or two. Love the picture of the morning sky.