Sunday, September 11, 2016

Message Recieved

Remember that I threatened the weather yesterday?  That I expected it to straighten up and fly right so it isn't rainy or hot and humid when I go to The Clearing in 13 more days?  Well, it listened.  When I came upstairs to talk about supper around 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon the sun was making its move, shoving the clouds aside and drying things up.  Today it's perfect, see?  Sunny and warm and balmy.  The humidity's still a little high but I don't expect perfection right away.  I can be patient.  For a while, anyway.

I did some online research and talked to a customer who came into the store wearing one and ordered me a Garmin Vivofit because all of the $6.95 pedometers I buy at Walmart are crap and I want to know how much I move around in a day.  It's kind of picky about a person moving.  If you sit still for an hour, like to read the Sunday paper, a red line appears across the top of the screen, and another segment pops up every 15 minutes.  I had to walk around half of the block before the lines all disappeared.  Oh... I see its evil plan... making the bed, dressing, even going up and down stairs a couple times didn't erase the red line... I had to put on my shoes and go outside and walk some.  I did about half a mile but I'm trying to wait to do too much walking until my new, stability walker shoes and new orthotics arrive so I'm supporting my ankle tendons, etc. the right way.  I'm sure a half-mile jaunt around part of the block won't do too much damage.  Take my advice, don't break your ankle.  Just don't.

It was probably good that I didn't get the Vivofit until after I'd spent the afternoon downstairs making note of where most of the rest of my yarn is stored because I was pretty much stationary most of that time.  But I'm down to just the solid color cotton yarn bin and the "onesies" bag of projects ready to pick up and work on, and then I'll be done.  I think.  Maybe.  Watch, I'll be grubbing around for something, books for LFLs or fabric to make into a shirt and I'll find more yarn that isn't "in the system."  It's an ongoing crusade, but I'm determined to get on top of this before I croak.

When I was closing the window and shade before bed I saw the moon peeking through the trees.  I had to go out into the street to find a gap in the leaves and I was hoping that there'd be leaf silhouettes at the edges of the frame but all I've got is a fuzzy white partial circle.  Oh well, I like it anyway.

Instead of writing a prompt last night I caught up my Bullet Journal for Friday and yesterday.  I've started making a little journal entry on the day's page instead of just making a list of chores and errands.  I'm not all artsy and calligraphy-y like some I've seen but I like this and the small but terrible pictures I draw in there every once in a while.

Time to find something for lunch.  Au revoir.

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Aunt B said...

Love the picture of the woodpecker through the screen. Very arty! Glad you have The Clearing to look forward to. Nice to have something wonderful like that out on the horizon. Fingers crossed for perfect weather.