Saturday, September 10, 2016

Ugh, The Drear Is Here

The sun tried to shine yesterday and had moderate luck.  Today, I think we're doomed to a full day of The Drear.  I awoke at 3:30 to hear raindrops pecking at the window over my head.  They were still pecking at 6:07 and still around when I finally managed to get out of the sack and make the bed (so I wouldn't get back in) just before 8 o'clock.  It drizzled while I yoga-ed, while I ate breakfast, and while I read the paper.  Now that I've spent an hour goofing around on the Craftsy website adding classes to my wishlist so I can enter their "Win Your Wishlist" contest, it's still gray and rainy.  Durwood commented that the automatic nightlight never turned off all of Thursday so we're in a gray trend.  I give it 13 days to straighten up, let the sun shine, cool down, dry out, and get its act together before I toddle off to my week of writing in the woods of Door County.  I need it to be nice so I can sit out in the woods and write because there'll be three writers in our cabin and we can't all sit in there and be relied on to not talk all afternoon when it's supposed to be Quiet Writing Time.

Well, I managed not to cast on ALL the things yesterday.  I dug around in the leftovers-from-projects bin to find some scraps to knit these two cable needle keepers.  It's easy to misplace your cable needle when you're working on a project.  It'll worm its way between couch cushions, fall off onto the floor and squirm under the couch, or just decide to go walkabout into the kitchen or bathroom, sometimes even outside.  Aaaanyway, I decided to whip up a couple.  Of course, I used thicker yarn than the pattern specifies so these are a little big but I figure they'll work.  MW said his grandmother had one on her finger, went to scratch her face and poked herself in the eye so she made one for her wrist.  That's not a bad idea.  I'll take it under advisement.

As I said I would, last night at Friday Night Knitting I crocheted the center panel of the Sudoku Throw together.  I've got the first strip of the right panel on the needles and I promise (cross my heart) that I'll knit on it alternately with this month's Preemie Hats.  Even though (after much searching and moderate swearing) I did locate the skein of yarn I want to make a sock out of and I printed off the pattern so I'll have an unmarked one to scribble on, I didn't cast it on, just got it ready to cast on.

September 10--Allan Laidman, Baby on Board.  Clara rode every day and baby Amalie rode with her.  Everyone along their route recognized the young mom and her little girl on the silver and black bicycle.  They wore matching helmets and matching smiles.

I wasn't very inspired last night.  Can you tell?  It's The Drear.  It seeps into my pores and drags me down.  My plan for the day is to take the laptop and camera downstairs and work more on listing where yarn is stored on Ravelry so I have fewer afternoons rooting around not finding what I know is down there SOMEwhere.  At least I'll be able to pretend it's nice outside if I'm down there and can't see it.  Harumph.

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Aunt B said...

Good idea to head down into the basement where you expect it to be rather dark and dreary and just forget about the drear outside. I hate days like that. Your Sudoku project is quite impressive. And BIG!