Thursday, October 9, 2014

What A Day!

I got to spend yesterday in the hospital having my heart checked out.  Nothing's wrong with it, it was "only" an anxiety attack (can you say "Xanax is your friend?") but it sure made for an interesting day.  Plus hospital food, that hospital's food anyway, sucks.

I talked to Mrs. Boss this morning to learn that we got an entirely new OS for our Point of Sale computer while I was at The Clearing and it's not running right, not at all.  Oh goodie.  That should make today extra fun.

DS said he was up yesterday morning trying to see the lunar eclipse, the Blood Moon, but it was cloudy.  This morning when I went out to get the newspaper the full moon was still out there, not all interesting and bloody looking, but still pretty darned amazing.  See?

I'm getting excited.  Two weeks from tomorrow the new carpeting gets installed, which means I'm boxing up books (14"x14"x14" cardboard boxes from Walmart for $.68 each--a great find!) and writing stuff and cookbooks so the shelves can be moved easily.  I'm also making regular trips to the Goodwill donations door.  *pats self on back*  What I'd really like is a bobcat to just scoop the stuff up and heave it out the door.  Do you ever have those times when you're tired of everything and want to just scrape it out and start over?  I'm having one right now.  I'd love to have the whole joint painted too but that has to wait until next spring when we can leave the house open to air it out, so I'm going to settle for hiring cleaners to scrub the place from stem to stern.

Henry Mosler, Just Moved.  Jake and Emma were happy to finally be in their new place.  There were two bedrooms so Thad and Melanie didn't have to sleep in their room.  True, Emma would still get up to nurse Melly in the night but it would be so easy to sit in the rocker by the banked fire in the kitchen and croon to her sweet pink and white daughter without waking Jake.  His new job on Anderson's dairy farm left him so tired that some nights he fell asleep over his supper.  Emma said a prayer of thanks that their children got to grow up out in the country, not the smoky and dirty city like she had.  She hoped that the clean country air would clear up the cough that had settled in her chest last winter and hadn't gone away.

Time to get ready for work.  I'm glad to go today, it's been a while.  I've kind of missed it.  Later, dudes and dudettes.

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